Rusev And Lana Burglarized In Memphis (UPDATED)

Why is it that my hometowns keep entering the news for WWE Superstars getting robbed? First we had AJ Styles have his Xbox and some Japanese currency get stolen last year in Jonesboro, AR, at a Smackdown House Show, and now The Lion of Bulgaria and The Ravashing Russian were victims of one in Memphis, TN. Rusev and Lana, who are married in real life and are both Tennessee natives, decided to head into Memphis early before tonight’s house show in Jonesboro, AR, and tommorow’s Smackdown Live in Memphis, and stay at WWE’s preferred hotel in the area, the Sheriton Memphis Downtown. It’s a nice hotel, ranging about $150 a night. And for that $150, a hotel employee thought that gave them the right to swipe Lana’s camera and the cash that was in Rusev’s wallet while the room was being cleaned. Hopefully the culprit is caught and Lana gets her camera back, especially with the last year and a half of celebrity leaks that have occurred.

UPDATE:  Paige was also robbed from the same hotel.

Further, Rusev will be pressing charges.


Marie’s Musings: First, I want to say that I hate that this is what their impression of this set of shows will be in this city. Memphis is notorious for its crime rate, but there was no excuse for this. To Rusev and Lana, I’m sorry you had to go through this. And I hope that you’ll give our city another chance.

Botch Take:  What a total mess!  Two entities have now been robbed.  The Sheraton has a lot to answer for now.