ROH To Run A Show In Madison Square Garden

Ring of Honor can reach a lot of people thanks to the fact they’re owned by Sinclair Broadcasting. This reach of 233 stations in the U.S. means ROH is in a huge percentage of American homes which is more than any other Pro Wrestling company not owned by Vince McMahon. Therefore it would only stand to reason that they could step up their game and become an even bigger player on the world’s stage soon enough.

Now Ring Of Honor has intentions of running their first show at Madison Square Garden. Sinclair Broadcasting CEO Chris Ripley recently told the Baltimore Business Journal that ROH will run a show at MSG in 2019 when he was asked about the company’s future projects. The most interesting part about this story is that it was actually MSG Management who approached ROH about running a show in their arena as they are reportedly upset that WWE has been booking the Barclay Center when they are in the New York area far more often than MSG. The reason being that Barclay’s is far cheaper to rent.

ROH is not the only promotion MSG management has been talking to as the Triple-A promotion out of Mexico is also looking to run a show at MSG in September of this year, and Cody Rhodes teased the possibility of ALL IN 2 being held in the worlds most famous arena.

Sir Mitch Says: As much as I love ROH, I’m not sure they are capable of selling out MSG. Not because they don’t have the star power to do so, but because Sinclair has never invested the money to properly promote and grow the company preferring to invest the minimum amount and making 3-4 times that money back via ad revenue from the promotions syndicated TV show they air on their stations!

But maybe they are FINALLY ready to try and build ROH up after seeing Cody and the Young Bucks easily sell out a 10,000 seat venue by spending the required time and money to do so!