Go Home! Seriously Cass, Go Home!

This Flush seems really short to me. I wrote most of it as SD aired, but it seems incredibly short compiled here. Hopefully I didn’t miss anything major, and that you enjoy what I had to say about this episode of SD!



No clue how Paige can stand in the ring in the shoes she had on. They were not as tippy-tippy as some Steph wears, but still. She looked great out there with her contemporaries. It’s sad that she cannot work the ring, but she’s doing fairly well with this GM role. All the women in this segment, other than Paige, felt really plastic and overly-scripted. It wasn’t very good and only got a thousand times worse when the IIconics came out and started screeching. Mandy Rose and Sonya were actually solid, and Sonya had the best line of those outside the ring. That being said, Becky really had it counting in the amazing women in the ring.

All in all there were really great and really horrible moments in this segment, and the IIconics were nothing but horrible!


Bitter Benjamin

THIS is a feud I could get behind! I’m so over Cass and how he’s being pushed for his size alone because he surely cannot talk (lately, or without Zo, not sure which), and his ring work is nowhere near good enough to lace Bryan’s boots! Bryan and Benjamin together in the ring could bring about a great feud. Benjamin is all bitter and cranky. Bryan is happy-go-lucky and a wrestler who can work with anyone, but why not have him working against someone else who really knows how to work the ring? So much greatness in this match, and it’s sad to think about how much harder Bryan will have to work on Sunday, all because McMahon has a hard-on for guys who look like Cass!



Paige walking backstage the ways she was, talking to Asuka and Miz, it really felt like an Angle segment. She did well with it, though someone needs to tell Asuka that she doesn’t need to yell everything. Then again, it worked for Scotty Steiner, so why not?


King In Memphis

It was a great idea to have King out there in his hometown. Made sense to have him interviewing AJ, but it was horrible. Honestly, two commercials after the segment and I’ve already forgotten more than I remember from it. That’s a bad sign for both of them.



Joe’s gonna kill Miz in their MITBLM on Sunday! Miz screwed Joe, which I get, but Rusev is basically face at this point, so why would Miz help him? I know that Joe is scary AF, but that doesn’t mean that he should piss him off that much more. I understand Rusev going over Joe to continue a storyline, but not by Miz’s hand. It looked decent, but it didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

The aftermatch (one word, kinda like aftermath, but not) was great. Seeing Miz with a case full of pancakes and New Day laughing maniacally backstage about had me on the floor laughing myself.


Another Low Blow

I feel horrible for Jeff Hardy. He has a pinched nerve in his neck and you could see it all the way through this match. Jeff is not the kid he once was, and he’s in serious pain. It’s time for him to drop the US Championship and get his body fixed. I know he’s struggled since returning to the WWE, but his health comes first. It’s not like back in the day that he needs time to clean up, this is an actual physical injury that need to be taken care of before he really does irreparable damage to his body! I’d like to say the low blow ended things quickly for Jeff, but he hit all of his big moves before Nakamura caused the DQ and counted to ten.


Go Be A Carny!

Cass a the carnival for 25 large? He should have stayed there, with his mouth shut! Ugh!


All Ten Main Event

What a great match! These five women really went all out in that wrestling ring. Watching a lot of WWE, I’m up to 2003, and seeing how these women work, compared to the top women back then, is really eye-opening. Watching Trish, Victoria, Jazz, and Jacqueline fight over the Women’s Championship was really great, very hard-hitting, and Trish was bleeding from the mouth when it was over, but compared to what these five women did in this match, that was very rudimentary.

Lana, who really has piss-poor timing looked better in the ring because of who she was working with. Sadly, I cannot say the same for Peyton or Billie Kay. Billie wasn’t in the ring much, which was great, but Peyton was a total mess in there. Those Aussie girls did a great job of showing how solid Sonya and Mandy are in the ring, comparatively speaking. Actually, Mandy really is stepping up in the ring and showing that she’s grown and is almost ready to work a solid feud with the more established superstars. I’m hoping they do this sooner, rather than later because it will help her, and Sonya as her partner in crime. Fingers crossed that she has a singles PPV match at SummerSlam.


Final Flush

I have to say that this overall go-home show was solid. Not the best SD ever, but a really good show leading up to MITB. Actually, that main event has me so much more excited for MITB that I’m going to go finish my Predicts now so that they can be posted sooner than later.

Queen KB