Dr. Amann’s Court Admissions Are Serious Legal Problems

Many things that came out during the CM Punk trial against Dr. Chris Amann have been shocking, and things we don’t want to hear about a medical professional, but things just keep getting worse.  During the trial Dr. Amann admitted to breaking many of the laws that govern how a doctor should act toward his patients.  He broke HIPPA laws by prescribing medications without logging them, and while Amann’s lawyers filed motions to keep certain things from being discussed, one of the motions wasn’t sealed and proved that prescribing meds the way he did was just the tip of the iceberg.

Turns out that Amann had a relationship with a Diva while he was her doctor.  The Diva in question, Jillian Hall, has confirmed their relationship, as has it been confirmed that they did not try to hide their relationship in any way.  At that point Amann was the only doctor on staff, so there was no way he could claim that he wasn’t treating her while they were dating.

On top of all that Amann also dated an indie wrestler who he met while she was trying out for a WWE contract.  Her name has not been released as of this writing.



QD – As many of you know, I spend a lot of my time dealing with medical professionals, for myself and my family.  It’s because of this that I stay on top of the HIPPA laws and how my medical treatment is being managed.  I cannot even fathom a doctor who breaks such laws, and why he’s not been stripped of his medical license.  Heck, I’ve seen doctors lose their licenses for less!  What is even worse is that he’s still employed by the WWE!  The powers that be knew Amann was dating a patient and didn’t do anything about it.  I’m completely and utterly disgusted!