Ellsworth Pulled From Show In China

There have been questions and rumors floating around about whether James Ellsworth will be at the WWE‘s MITB PPV, or at a show in China.  Previously it was thought that he would be in a show scheduled two days before MITB, but then it came out that he was scheduled for a show the same day as MITB.  Two days would have given him ample time to get to MITB, which McMahon would make happen if he truly wanted Ellsworth there.  Well, this latest change in Ellsworth’s schedule only adds to the rumors that he will be back in the WWE, even if just for MITB, to help Carmella retain the SD Women’s Championship over Asuka.  Again, these are still all rumors, and we won’t honestly be sure if Ellsworth will be at MITB until he’s actually seen there.




QD – Ellsworth has been a top of hot debate behind the curtain here at WR.  Some didn’t think that working a show two days before MITB, in China, makes it a guarantee that Ellsworth won’t be joining the WWE PPV.  On the other hand, if McMahon wants Ellsworth at MITB, he has the resources to make sure he’s there.  It will truly come down to Sunday and if he’s actually there.  In reality, his one-off spot as a jobber to Strowman changed Ellsworth’s life, and given him so much within the WWE as well as out.