RUMOR: Vince Not Happy About ROH & AAA Running Shows at MSG

Earlier this week, Chris Ripley, CEO of Sinclair Broadcasting, said that Ring of Honor plans to run a show at Madison Square Garden at some point in 2019.  There is further word that AAA plans to run a show there as well in September of this year.  The word is that Vince is none too pleased about this and that he may be doing everything in his power to make sure neither of these shows actually happen.  As we all know, MSG has been WWF/E’s stomping ground for decades and Vince has essentially had free run of it.  As it’s rather expensive to run there, they don’t use the venue as often as they used to so Vince’s influence on the decision-makers at MSG isn’t what it used to be.

Stay tuned here and we’ll continue to follow any further developments as they occur.


Botch Take:  We talked backstage about whether or not we should post this.  This info is coming from Dave Meltzer and as of late, he’s been wrong about almost everything.  Still, this seemed at least slightly plausible so we’re posting it as a rumor.  Take it with a nice pinch of salt.