Dean Ambrose Recovery is On Track!

Good news for Dean Ambrose fans.  He was seen this week at the WWE Performance Center.  His appearance there indicates that all is well and he should return to action sooner than later.  Seth Rollins mentioned in an interview two months ago that Ambrose had pretty extensive tricep surgery and was due to be back by late spring or summertime.  The original timeline was 9 months so he should be back in a month or two.


Botch Take:  Thank goodness.  I’m an Ambrose fan so I’m glad he’ll be back soon!



It looks like Dean Ambrose’s rehab for his triceps tear is going well. The Lunatic Fringe was seen at the Performance Center in Orlando this week, according to PWInsider. It’s not clear if he was working out in the ring or doing some physical therapy but this is can be taken as a sign that he is almost ready to return to action.

During a radio appearance in April, Seth Rollins said that Ambrose got extensive triceps surgery and he is expected back by late Spring or Summertime.

Ambrose has been out of action since December. WWE stated at the time that he would be out for approximately 9 months. If his rehab is going as scheduled then he would likely be back in late August or early September. It seems unlikely that he would be cleared in time to return for SummerSlam.