Monday Night Raw (6/18/18)

Will Ronda Rousey go Up Up and Away in my beautiful, my beautiful balloon?

Is it true that, Last Night, Kurt Angle Didn’t Get To Sleep All?

Does Braun Strowman now have One Less Bell to Answer and one less egg to fry?

Has Bobby Lashley got the Wedding Bell Blues?

Is Nia Jax Workin’ on a Groovy Thing?

None of these questions will be answered in either the Fifth Dimension or during tonight’s episode of “Monday Night Raw”!


Raw Results

Angle presents the Women’s Championship belt to Bliss, who demanded it happen that way.  She talked down Nia and Ronda.  Ronda out and in Bliss’ face.  Ronda snaps and takes out Bliss, Angle, and some refs before putting Bliss through a table.

Backstage Angle and Ronda argue about what happened in the ring.  Angle suspends Ronda for thirty days.

Renee stops Ronda on her way out.  Ronda says she will be back in 30 days for Bliss.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Seth Rollins and becomes new IC Champion After the match Drew beats down Rollins that much more and they mock Rollins.

Braun out on mic.  KO out talking up Braun, wanting to partner with him until Braun is Uni Champ and then give KO and match.  They start to shake and Braun won’t let go.  KO wiggles away before taking a bump.

Sasha is stewing backstage over the MITBLM.  Bayley in and they become friends again.

B Team mocks Team Woken, with Axel as Matt and Bo as his brother Bray, on the screen while the other team is in the ring getting ready to face Slater and Rhyno.

Woken defeat Slater & Rhyno

Baron in with a phone.  Steph is happy with the Ronda suspension.  Angle talks smack about Steph, so is on the phone and wanted to talk to Angle.

Angle finishes his convo with Steph and is off to do what she demands.  Baron laughs at him.

Jinder defeats Gable

Riott Squad causes problems backstage and puts an R in black lipstick on a mirror.

A look at Joshua, a Special Olympian.

Riott Squad defeats Sasha & Bayley Sasha and Bayley argue, off mic, in the ring.  Sasha pushes down Bayley and leaves.  Bayley looks like she’s either seething or going to cry.

Bayley and Sasha argue backstage.  Bayley attacks and Sasha beats her down.

Angle in the ring to announce something about Brock defending the Uni strap.  Reigns out, then Lashley out.  Lashley talks RR down, tripping over words.  Angle states that there will be a Multi-Man Match for #1 Contender.  Revival out and challenges Lashley and RR.

Reigns & Lashley defeat The Revival

Angle and Baron backstage.  Finn wants in the match.  Baron laughs at him and talks Finn down.  KO steps into the argument.  Finn laughs at them, Braun behind KO who jumps away.  Braun stands up for Finn and challenges Baron and KO to a match.  Angle flees.  KO heads off after Angle trying to stop him.

Mojo defeats No Way Jose

Sasha stomps out to her car (still in her ring gear, with a jacket over it) in the rain.  Bayley out to stop Sasha again.  Sasha is done helping Bayley, done being her friend.  Sasha leaves as Bayley begs her to stop.  Bayley throws something at the car as it leaves.

Baron & KO defeat Balor & Braun