Triple H Announces A NXT U.K. Brand!

Triple H promised a big announcement this week, and he delivered at the UK show at Royal Albert Hall.

To the delight of fans in attendance, Triple H and Johnny Saint announced that WWE is launching a new brand. NXT UK will be taping television later this year across the country.

He announced that there would be a women’s and tag team division. The first set of tapings will take place on July 28 and 29 in Cambridge.

Another set of tapings are set for August 25 and 26 in Birmingham. That will be followed by tapings on October 13 and 14 in Plymouth. They will close out 2018 with tapings on November 24 and 25 in Liverpool.

There was no mention of a TV network, but they obviously have something locked in or close to being signed with someone. The idea of a weekly TV show for the UK has been discussed at least for a couple of years. The idea that was floated around was to air their UK show on traditional television while the rest of the world would watch on the WWE Network. We’ll see if they stick to that plan.

Sir Mitch Says: UK Wrestling is thriving right now and with iTV bringing back World Of Sport Wrestling its obvious WWE wants to jump on that cash train…and eventually become the conductor!