7′ Tall And Unemployed…You Can’t Teach That (UPDATED)

The WWE has come to terms with William Morrissey on his release.  Morrissey, better known as Cass, Big Cass, and Colin Cassady has had issues since his partner Enzo was released, including lackluster mic work, poor ring work, and going off-script causing embarrassment to himself and the WWE.

According to Sports Illustrated, the reason for Cass’ release has to do with being intoxicated publicly.  Multiple sources told them that Cass was intoxicated for the majority of the European tour and wasn’t necessarily a “nice drunk”.  That was what ultimately led to his dismissal with the WWE.


Queen’s Decree – I have to admit that I’m a bit shocked at this release, though I know I shouldn’t be.  Cass has struggled in everything he’s done in the WWE since the release of Zo.  His mic work has been atrocious and his ring work sometimes dangerous.  His most recent feud with Daniel Bryan has been one-sided, with Bryan carrying the entire thing both on mic and in their most recent match at the MITB PPV.  Vince McMahon has a thing for larger wrestlers, pushing them even if they’re horrible and there are smaller guys who are so much better.  While I understand that the larger wrestlers are impressive to look at, but if their work isn’t up to snuff, they shouldn’t be pushed to the top.  Personally, the thing I find most humorous about this whole this is that Carmella was considered the least of the three who worked together in NXT, and she’s the only one still employed by the WWE, is SD Women’s Champion, and has more than risen to prove that she deserves the push she has.  This is not at all what most expected of this faction when they were called up.