My apologies for last week.  I’ll be honest about why there was no blog:  I simply wasn’t into watching it.  I just couldn’t make myself do it.  I know how bad that sounds but someone’s gotta do something to shake this up.  The only thing that ever matters is the main event and I couldn’t even be moved to watch that last week.  It’s really no mystery why so few watch “205 Live”.  I have waved the flag for a long time but it’s really hard to sit back and watch it week after week.  Be that as it may, let’s get into this, shall we?


Drew Gulak vs. Lince Dorado (w/ Kalisto & Gran Metalik)

“Penelope Gulak”?  Are they serious with this?  It’s kinda, slightly, maybe a little funny but very little.  Okay, on to the match…

This wasn’t bad at all.  Some nice back and forth.  We even got some darkness from Lince.  The story here is that all three members of the Lucha House Party have now tapped out to Drew Gulak.  Turns out we’re getting a 6-man next week featuring all of these people and Jack Gallagher.  I’m breathless with anticipation…or something.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick & Hideo Itami

Drake was good here and Hideo was not.  It’s that simple, really.


TJ Perkins vs. James Alexander

This wasn’t a terrible promo.  The match didn’t happen.  They are trying to make him an über heel.  Based on the response, it’s working a little bit.  Maybe we can give this some time.

It is nice to see James get a shot.  He’s an indie guy who’s worked in Michigan for PPW and other places too.  He can really go but because of the story, we weren’t going to see that here.  Exposure is exposure so good for him.


Lio Rush is coming “205 Live” next week.  Finally, some relief from the boring stuff that’s happening in these parts lately.


Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy vs. Hideo Itami

Mustafa is great.  He just is.  I feel bad for him being stuck on “205 Live”.  He’s the one of these three who could make it on the main roster.  Buddy is a great worker but as a character, meh.  Hideo has been a complete bust since his debut.  The former KENTA has completely blown it – injuring himself and recklessly injuring others in the process – all the while accomplishing nothing.  Okay, on to the match.

How Buddy “no sold” those chops from Itami and Mustafa is a total mystery to me.  Those had to hurt!  Major props for not showing it.  All three of these men can work – no question about that.  Ali, in particular, comes up with some incredibly innovative offense.  His reverse rana was just frightening!  Better yet, his 450 splash onto a stacked Murphy & Itami had to hurt them all.  The Spanish fly onto Murphy from the table to the floor was even better still!  This match was great – just like all the main events in “205 Live” are.  It even got a little dirty and that’s how Hideo took it.  He did less work than the other two but he did come away with the victory.  Maybe they’re gonna move on him a little.  Time will tell.


This episode followed the template we’re all used to.  I’m hoping for a lot from Lio since he’s a real character so he should sufficiently spice things up.  Let’s hope I’m right.  See you all next week for another “Pickup”!