Smackdown Live! (6/19/18)

Is James Ellsworth a wrestling Tragedy?

Has Aiden English spent too many Nights on Broadway?

Does Lana Love Rusev Inside and Out, backwards and forwards with her heart hangin’ out?

Can the New Day ever stop Jive Talkin’?

Will Byron Saxton ever get Backtafunk?

None of these questions will be answered by either the Bee Gees or by this episode of “Smackdown Live!”


SD Results

Paige announces the Gauntlet Match for #1 Contender – Miz, Big E, Rusev, Bryan, and Joe.

Carmella out talking smack.  James out as Asuka again.  Asuka out and argues off-mic with James.  Asuka takes out James, then Carmella takes out Asuka and drags James away by his shirt.

IIconics out on mic in the ring.

Becky defeats Billie Kay

Jeff Hardy cuts a backstage promo on Naka.

SAnitY seen in shadows backstage, laughing.

Bryan interviewed backstage by Renee.

Usos give a promo in the ring.  SAnitY out and destroys them.

Good Bros promo backstage.

Naka interviewed backstage by Renee.

Bludgeon Bros defeat Good Bros

Bryan’s music and he comes out to start the Gauntlet Match.  He stops and stands between Bludgeon Bros on their way back up the ramp.  Bry keeps walking to the ring and his music starts again.  Biggest pop of the night, by far!

Bryan defeats Big E to eliminate him.  Joe out to face Bryan.

Bryan defeats Joe via count out.  Bludgeon Bros into the ring and take out Bryan.  Miz out to face Bry.

Miz defeats Bry to eliminate him.  Rusev out to face Miz.

Rusev defeats Miz to become #1 Contender.  AJ out to congratulate Rusev.  They shake hands.  English disses AJ and is taken down for it.  Rusev doesn’t seem to happy with English for that one.


QD – Keep refreshing for more results, and don’t forget to check out my Royal Flush on Tuesday to see what I think of this episode of SD!