WWE Blocks ROH From MSG

Madison Square Garden has long been the home to the WWE.  From the territory days when Sammartino sold out the arena for 188 consecutive shows right up to the show scheduled for July 7, 2018.  Recently ROH worked out a deal with MSG and reserved a date there for a show.  The WWE was against any other wrestling promotions working MSG as they consider it their turf.  ROH COO Joe Koff was in talks with the WWE about MSG and had hopes that the companies could come to some sort of agreement, but decided that it was prudent to withdraw from the arena before lawyers got involved.  Eck stated, “We can bring the kind of energy and excitement that ROH and our partner New Japan provide, to a bigger audience and to bigger arenas and to the fans of New York City.”


Queen’s Decree – I’m not at all shocked by this.  I stated in the Royal Inquisition that while I think it would be great for other promotions to work there, and it’s a small arena, so many of the smaller companies (other than TNA) could absolutely sell out MSG, I would be shocked if the WWE allowed it to happen without a huge fight.  MSG is WWE’s stomping grounds and has been for decades and didn’t see that changing anytime soon.