Could This Be A Solution To Low Ratings?

nWo, Nexus, Nation of Domination, The Corporation, Ministry of Darkness, and D-Generation X. What do all of those have in common? They were highly successful stables in WWE history that are still talked about to this day. They also drew in the crowds and the viewers for high ratings. With that being said, is it time for WWE to bring back stables to the ring? Could using stables today be as effective as they were back then?

As stated in the opening, stables had a massive following, no matter if they were heel or face. By having stables, you had a group being able to perform together, that were there to back one another up both in the ring and on the mic. A great example of this would be Nation of Domination. The Rock was traditionally the spokesperson because he was incredible on the mic. But when it came to the ring, everyone shared an equal fighting role.

By having multiple members in a stable, wrestlers are able to have some time off from the in ring action. This is accomplished because they can rotate on a weekly basis and not wear out as quickly, thus reducing the heightened risk of injury. By doing this as well, the entire stable stays relevant and talked about as all members are still present in one way or another every week.

We also have seen in the past that having stables creates much better build to storylines, as there is much more to run with, and allows for a longer build. This keeps the attention of the fans both at home and in the arena, increasing or holding ratings steady week after week.

So if WWE were to do stables today, how would it work? We already have the groundwork for some great stables to form. We have sAnitY that just came up this last Smackdown. AJ Styles, Gallows, and Anderson are already all on Smackdown and could easily form The Club there. Aleister Black could be called up and join with The Bludgeon Brothers to form another stable. Of course, we still have The New Day.

On the Raw side, we have Titus Worldwide, with Titus O’Neill and Apollo Crews. We could see Bobby Lashley join forces with them and create that faction. Paul Heyman could represent Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar, and Braun Strowman as the dominate stable in WWE. Joining forces with Wyatt and Matt Hardy would be Finn Balor, preferably in his Demon Balor gimmick, but he keeps it suppressed until PPV’s.

What about the women you are asking? We have seen WWE try to do stables with the women’s division, and it fell flat with the audience. Because of that, I am thinking the women would be thrown into the stables with the men, similar to what we saw with Right to Censor. Nia Jax and Rousey join with Heyman; Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon join Hardy, Wyatt, and Balor; Sasha Banks and Bayley join Titus Worldwide.

This is just some of the information that I have thought about for the past few weeks and the stables I have come up with in my mind. So what is your opinion? Should WWE bring back stables or no? Feel free to fill out the survey and leave your opinion, including potential stable ideas, in the comments!


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