Cena And Ford Settle Lawsuit

After an application process, John Cena was able to buy a limited-run Ford GT supercar under the agreement that Cena would keep the car for 24 months, and take good care of it.  Cena purchased the car for $463,376.50, but sold the car well before the end date.

Ford wanted to buy the car back for the purchase price and sought damages of over $75,000, and any profit Cena might have made.  The lawsuit was settled for an undisclosed amount.

“I love the Ford GT and apologize to Ford, and encourage others who own the car to respect the contract,” said Cena.  He further wanted to make sure the money went to a reputable charity, as Ford has stated that’s where the money would go.



QD – We all know that Cena does great things for his fans, especially kids, but he’s not always the upstanding guy we would hope he’d be.  Everyone has flaws, and everyone makes mistakes, it’s just that Cena is a public figure and every mistake or problem connected to him makes the news.