Vader Comforted By Fellow Legend In His Final Months

Leon White, known to the Pro Wrestling world as Vader died far too young and left a legacy in the industry that will be remembered forever. However, despite that, the man that had the unique ability to legitimately intimidate both fans and his fellow workers and had multiple World Title reigns in WCW, All Japan Pro Wrestling and New Japan Pro Wrestling is not a member of the WWE Hall Of Fame. But according to his son, Vader did have a lot of interaction with a WWE Hall Of Famer before he passed away.

Vader’s son Jesse White spoke to TMZ where he revealed Sting was a huge part of Vader’s life in the months leading to his father’s passing. He would come over and read The Bible with Vader and help him a lot during the final months of his life:

“Sting has been a blessing not only as of recent but probably I wanna say for the last ten months to a year in my father’s life as well as mine,” Jesse White said. “I’ve been blessed and fortunate to witness that relationship between the two of them as well as develop a relationship with Sting. My father was a God-fearing man and so is Sting so they would sit down and read The Bible together and just talk about good time stories. So yeah, Sting’s been a huge blessing throughout this process.”

Jesse is also starting a new project where he is encouraging fans to send in whatever memories, photos, videos, or anything else they might have of Vader to him. It will always be Vader Time and hopefully, with this project and other things Jesse has down the line, Leon White’s memory will live on forever.

Sir Mitch Says: Sting and Vader had a legendary program in WCW in the early 90’s, and both became born-again Christians later on in life after battling personal demons for years. The last 18 months of Vader’s life were a struggle due to the ongoing heart problems as well complications from all the treatments and surgeries that were performed on him in an attempt by Doctors to extend his life.  

I think Vader’s fans can take comfort in the fact that a fellow ring warrior and friend was there to support him and his family during his final months.