WWE Campaigning For An Emmy Nomination

WWE is continuing its campaign to get an Emmy for at least one WWE program. Several WWE Superstars were part of the “For Your Consideration” event in Los Angeles earlier this month to pitch WWE programming for nominations. The event was attended by 600 members of the TV Academy and television industry.

Shows being considered include Raw 25, Mixed Match Challenge on Facebook Watch, and WWE 24: Empowered. McMahon is asking fans to retweet a highlight video from the Raw 25 episode. This is all part of WWE’s ongoing effort in the last decade to become more accepted by mainstream media. And even though many fans believe these efforts have come at the cost of the overall quality of the product, you can’t deny that at least for now…these efforts are paying off financially!

Sir Mitch Says: Honestly, I think the idea of a WWE program getting an Emmy nomination any time soon is a pipe dream!