Latest Concerning Brock Lesnar

As we have seen tonight so far on Monday Night Raw, the next opponent for Brock Lesnar’s title defense is completely up in the air right now. Brock does have a short term contract through SummerSlam, however, as part of that contract, he has final say as to who he faces at SummerSlam. So far, he has turned down all proposals from WWE and all negotiations have completely stalled. This is all coming from WWE Digital Host Cathy Kelly.  Paul Heyman left the following tweet on Saturday.  It links to a lengthy but interesting Facebook post – working the crowd as only Heyman can:

In the rant, he goes on to call out Lashley and others. I would highly recommend reading it in its entirety, even though it is a bit lengthy. So far, the only response from WWE concerning this Tweet is from Lashley himself:

This is certainly novel and Heyman works a crowd better than anyone around.  We’ll be on top of this to see where it goes.