The Unreliable Top Rope Strikes at a House Show

Poor Drew McIntyre.  He took part in a WWE house show in Fresno, California along with his tag partner, Dolph Ziggler, and faced off against Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins.  During the match, Seth whipped Drew into the ropes and as soon as Drew hit them, the top rope snapped off it’s bracket.  Drew managed to save himself from calamity but it still doesn’t exactly look graceful.  Have a look:

They finished the match, making due with what they had.  If you’re curious about the outcome, Seth & Roman won.


Botch Take:  Yikes!  Those ropes take a tremendous beating and while they’re really not ropes at all (they’re taped-up elevator cable), the brackets that hold them take a lot of abuse too and from time to time, they just let go.  So glad Drew didn’t get seriously hurt and he managed to get himself out of it without injury.