Impact Wrestling Star Not Coming to WWE

We’ve been hearing a lot about Impact Wrestling star Eli Drake possibly making his way to the WWE again after two previous stints with them.  Apparently, that won’t be happening any time soon.  He’s just recently signed a contract extension with Impact Wrestling.  Here’s the tweet directly from Impact Wrestling:

Clearly, this gives us some abstract idea as to the length of the contract as the tweet states that “dummies will be named and shamed long into the future…” which flies in the face of reports by others suggesting that his extension was only of the short-term variety.  WWE was said to have shown some interest in him again but it’s not clear if there were ever any talks or if they were, if they ever got off the ground.

As mentioned earlier, from 2006-2008 and again from 2013-2014, he actually did work for WWE.  He worked a couple of dark matches for them during his first stint and for the second stint, he was actually assigned to the performance center.  He said his release in 2014 was because he didn’t get along with trainer, Bill DeMott.


A Botch’d Impression:  Opinions tend to be rather split on Drake but I really like him.  He was flying high a couple of years ago.  He even has a “Dummy!” app for sale in both iTunes and Android app stores.  His gimmick is a bit Steve Austin-derived but I liked it.  He’s got mic skills for days and he’s good in the ring.  I think it would have been fun to see him in WWE and I’m hopeful we still might at some point.