Team Heck Yes!

What a great episode of SD. I wrote almost the whole thing as I watched the show, filled in the most emotional moments after the show was over. So much greatness, even without AJ, Joe, and Nakamura. I think of them as some of the best on the show, but those on this episode more than carried it off and had me marking out more than I have in a very long time!


Miz TV

No matter what Miz does, he’s great at it. Not sure I’d be as calm as he was with Harper and Rowan, but setting up the feud between Bryan and Miz is always top of my list. I love their reaction when he stated that the BB’s should be Miztourage. The BB’s were amazing without saying a word, but when they did, they were even better! Very solid opening segment that set up a lot, fanned old flames and continued pushing Bryan and Miz down that path we thought we’d lost when Bryan was taken from the ring.


Speech Bubbles & Singing

I thought that Rusev turned face on SD last week, but here he is still heel. I’m a bit confused. Also confused about why it’s Woods facing Rusev and not Big E. It seems a natural for him to face Big E, but it would be harder to pick a clear winner between those two. People want to see Big E succeed, but Rusev cannot lose clean the week after winning #1 Contendership, so I guess Woods is a better choice for this match. Actually, I was quite impressed with their work in this match. Seems like Woods is one of those guys who can work the ring with anyone. Such a wonderfully rounded performer, and wonderfully rounded man behind the scenes.


Rusev Day!

Rusev is heel again? I don’t like this. Personally, I think this should have been a face vs face feud because Rusev is so over right now as a tweener/face. I worry he will lose some momentum by pushing to be obviously heel in this new feud.



I wasn’t a fan of Willow in TNA, but I know a lot of that was me being disgusted by the junkie he was in TNA. I will really try to be less biased about Jeff Hardy as I’ve tried with Matt Hardy. I know most people loved Jeff’s promo last week and I was in the minority, so I will really try to look at him as he is now, not how he’s hurt me through the years.


So Much GLOW!

Hold onto your socks, but I’m actually a bit bummed that I’m going to be medieval this weekend, even though it’s the 50 year anniversary of the East Kingdom (where I live), because I won’t be able to binge-watch season 2 of GLOW. I should take a pic of the back of my laptop to share with everyone here. I have a bunch of wrestling stickers on it, GLOW being one of them. Braun is on there too, but that’s for a whole other reason. I really liked this promo, and wonder how the main character of GLOW would actually do in the ring.



As little as I wanted to see Jeff Hardy in the ring tonight, it’s with EY, so I’m GIDDY! I’m writing this as I watch live, and will try not to give it a five just because it’s EY’s first live singles match on the main WWE roster! Squee!

BOTCH! That was a horrible mess! I hope that McMahon doesn’t blame those first couple issues on EY, even if that botch was his fault. I know, I’m biased. I’m working on it! Give me a few weeks to ease myself into EY being on the main roster in the WWE, a place I never thought I’d see him when I first saw him and started chanting, in my own living room, “Don’t fire EY!” My daughter Ellie was new to wrestling and thought I’d lost my mind.

Love that the Usos came out the way they did and got into it with SAniTy! I see a Teddy Long special coming our way. I’d love to see Jeff continue with the Usos against SAniTy, so much greatness in the six of them, and a great first feud for SAniTy.


Teddy Long Special!

I actually thought this would be the main event. Stacy is usually my eyes on Tuesday nights when I have to run to the loo. Stacy had to work late, so I left Sam to watch for me. She did quite well at keeping track of what was going on for me while I was away from the TV.

This was a solid match, and even Jeff’s swanton wasn’t too bad, but I’m not happy that SaniTy lost this match. I know they don’t want the Usos and Jeff looking weak, but SAniTy needs a push to get them out of the gate. This ending bothers me. I know Road Dogg says wins and losses don’t matter, but I disagree at moments like this. Heck, tell Rusev that wins don’t matter!


Disarm Her!

This is going to sound really lame, but I wish I could figure out how to braid my hair like Becky’s! I have worn side braids on and off since high school, possibly before, but I’ve never been able to do the fishtail or braids as tight as Becky’s. It’s a great way to keep all this hair out of my face but still leave it down and unruly.

Okay, off my personal issues and onto this match. Wow, has Sonya improved in the ring! Yes, some of that was Becky helping her look good, but Becky could only do so much if Sonya couldn’t keep up, as we’ve seen in the past with Sonya. I have to say that Sonya is bellying her MMA beginnings in that she’s catching on to the WWE way of doing things faster than most other MMA fighters do. She’s doing so well that she might completely screw up the article I’ve been writing this week! All in all, this was a great match for both of them, showing Sonya’s growth and that Becky really should be fighting Carmella for the strap.


He’s A 1?

That’s being nice! Then again, Tye hasn’t been much of a ten since coming up on the main roster. Another victim of McMahon burying Trip’s NXT performers unless they clearly fit into his ideal superstar. While Ellsworth might not be McMahon’s ideal superstar, he also wasn’t one of Trip’s NXT wrestlers, so I guess that’s okay.



She is so good, and he is so boring. It’s time for her to ditch the zero and get on with her own wrestling career. As he didn’t say a word, thankfully, and stood there with his mouth hanging open like a fish, I only graded her.


Paige & Here Tatas

Dang, she looks amazing! She looked a bit uncomfortable with her new curves early on, but those tight black pants and that cleavage is phenomenal! She went from a pale zombie to a pale voluptuous woman, and she knows how to dress for her new body type. She also did an amazing job playing Ellsworth! Further, Ellsworth did a fantastic job at being played. This segment was a thing of beauty.


Brothers In Bludgeoning

Bryan’s chest just hasn’t bounced back yet. His skin isn’t used to the chops he’s been getting in the ring. It’s not as bad as it was in his return matches but still looks uncomfortable. While I don’t like Bryan taking dangerous risks, he’s the Bryan we fell in love with in ROH, and can still go as if he’s not missed a beat! I love seeing him in underdog matches because that’s when he shines! So much greatness in this match until Rowan attacks and ends it all. That being said, I love the relationship between Harper and Rowan, and while I wasn’t for them getting back together, I’m loving it now.


Team Hell No!

Kane looked great out there. He’s not at his thinnest, but still looked great out there with those two huge guys! Bryan looked confused and worried until Kane’s arms were spread. No clue why Bryan wouldn’t hug his former partner. I get being afraid of Kane, not knowing what he might be thinking, and Bryan sold it really well. Kane might be wearing a mask, but there was something so serene in his lower face while he was hugging Bryan. Either they’re that great of friends, or he’s a better actor than his ‘brother’ Taker.

I love that Paige came out and made the match she did for Extreme Rules, but it was also how she did it. She couldn’t let this moment pass, and it felt honest. We all know it’s scripted, but she made it feel real, as did Bryan and Kane, which is why this segment more than deserves top grades.


Final Flush

Much of this episode of SD was really great. There were a few low moments, but nothing to the extent of what we’ve seen in weeks past. This was a great show and built well for Extreme Rules, something I always worry about for B PPVs.

Queen KB