Raw And Smackdown TV Ratings Down Again This Week!

WWE will make over a billion dollars over five years once their new U.S. TV deals with NBC Universal and Fox go into effect. But if the current TV rating trends continue when these new deals start in October 2019, some executives within both media companies may wonder if they are getting their money’s worth!

Monday Night Raw averaged 2.67 million viewers this week which is down from the 2.9 million people who tuned in last week.

Here is an hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 2.59 million
Hour two: 2.67 million
Hour three: 2.71 million

Smackdown also didn’t fare too well with 2.13 million viewers this week which is the lowest rating the blue brand has scored this week possibly due to several stars missing the show for various reasons!

Sir Mitch Says:  WWE programming losing viewers week to week is happening often enough for it to be called a trend now!