You…Have Something…I Want

In-ring segment – Aleister Black

It is the worst idea in the world for him to talk on the mic.  His voice doesn’t go with his character in the least bit.  It’s far too high-pitched to be the least bit mysterious or scary and it flies in the face of what his character is supposed to be.  Thankfully, it was kept short by Tommaso’s entrance.  He came out and made this work better than it would have otherwise.  Apparently, his throat was damaged as a result of an indie encounter some years ago and that’s what makes his voice sounds as it does.  There are very few talkers in wrestling better than Tommaso.  I’m all about a Ciampa/Black feud so long as Aleister doesn’t do too much talking during its duration.


Backstage segment – Vanessa Bourne

She’s not wrong.  Kairi dressing as a pirate really is silly.  I’ve never liked the gimmick because it makes no sense.  Bourne did fairly well here, though I need more of a reason to care about her.  Hopefully, she’ll give me one.


Kona Reeves vs. Max Humberto (Max Castellanos)

Wanna know where I got Max’s indie name from?  His trunks.  Too funny.  They kept calling him “Humberto” and you could see his real name right there on his trunks.  He’s done plenty of work for NWA and other Indies too.  Worth checking out.  Of course, he was here to job but he did get in some offense.  Kona is the newest in a long line of wrestling pretty boys and there’s nothing about him that’s distinguished yet.  He does decently in the ring but he’s not incredible there yet either.  Time will tell where Kona is concerned.  So far, I’m non-plussed.


Candice LeRae vs. Lacey Evans

Lacey appears to be undergoing a bit of a gimmick tweak.  She was very much a USO girl at first and this week, she’s kinda more Catwoman and the army green is now gone.   As for the match, it started off pretty bad, really.  They flopped around in there for about a minute but they got it together.  Lacey got vicious and this got good.    They told a good story in there and the match was enjoyable.  Candice’s performed a very Eclipse-like move and then followed it with Christian’s Killswitch.  Of course, Candice had to win here and she did.


Backstage segment – Johnny Gargano

So this feud will continue.  I’m not mad at it either.  Very nice promo work from Gargano.  This has absolutely been the best feud in NXT history and I’m fine with it continuing for another ten years if that’s what happens.


Backstage segment – Candice LeRae

This was a little pat, honestly.  I felt little from it.  The story is good but something was missing from this to make it as real as it should have been.


Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) vs. Dave Dixon & Carl Axelrod…or not

So much for that.  Axelrod & Dixon came out and got no further than the stage.  Oh well…  This is here because they did come out and their names are here.  I can’t grade it but it was a thing for about 15 seconds.


Moustache Mountain w/ Ricochet vs. The Undisputed Era

Just a word of caution:  It’s never a good idea for Ricochet and anyone else to do the same move.  Ricochet will do it better and your version of  it will look foolish by comparison.  Okay, on to the match.  Everybody in the match is excellent – there’s no doubt about that.  Ricochet is just that much better in there in every way and it’s tough to focus on anyone else when Ricochet is in there.  His 630 is impossible to beat.  Only he could do that.  All of that said, this was awfully good.  People were in and out faster than I could even process.  This was far better stuff than the best of “205 Live” and certainly better than stuff we get on the main roster.  Strong’s End of Heartache of Ricochet onto the apron just looked amazing.