NXT to Air on FS1?

There have been several rumors flying around lately, specifically in the past 24 hours, that NXT will begin airing on FS1 sometime next year. It has been confirmed that during the conference call with investors regarding the new TV deals, there was discussion on having additional WWE programming on both FOX and NBC Networks.

One of the programs discussed was NXT to air on FS1. At the time of the conference call, nothing was confirmed or written in stone. Apparently, in the past 24 hours, this has all changed and now a deal is done to air NXT on FS1. There has been no official announcement or confirmation of this news as of the writing of this story. Stay tuned as we will be monitoring this breaking news!

Jester’s Jest: I am all for having NXT on FS1! A lot of commentors have said they are against it because it would water down the product and make it less relevant by having it on TV. I disagree with that 100% for the simple fact it would be airing on FS1, a secondary station to FOX, and not the primary.