Ric Flair to Undergo Serious Surgery (UPDATED)

Ric Flair is scheduled to undergo a surgery a week from Monday. The surgery is being done in the hope that it will allow him to get rid of his colostomy bag so that he will be able to train again. Flair has been downplaying the surgery’s seriousness in comparison to the life-threatening one he underwent last year. Last August, Flair underwent a very serious surgery to remove part of his bowel to clear out an intestinal blockage and inserted a pacemaker after a decades long use of alcohol and his party lifestyle began to take its toll on his body. Flair went on to credit his fiancée for saving his life because she was the one who pushed him to go to the hospital when he was feeling discomfort.

UPDATE:  The surgery has since occurred and was successful.  He should be out of the hospital and back him by the end of this week.


S.A.M.’s Spiel: Ric Flair has had a long-documented history of his drinking and partying and last year it did finally catch up with him and nearly cost him his life. Since then, it has looked like he has turned his life around since quitting that lifestyle and hopefully it leads to us having more years with Ric rather than it being cut short due to drinking. I, along with everybody here at Wrestle Royalty, wish him luck in his upcoming surgery, hope that it goes well, and that he has a swift, speedy recovery.