Update on Shinsuke Nakamura Injury

Shinsuke Nakamura is out of action with an injury after getting bit by a police dog last Monday, but he is making the best of it. Nakamura is in Japan doing media interviews for WWE, and he appeared at the live event on Friday while on crutches. Obviously, he could not do much in the ring, but the fans were happy to see him.

At this point, it’s looking like he will be back for the Extreme Rules pay-per-view so whatever they have planned for him on that show will likely take place as scheduled. This is just speculation from me, but I would guess that he will face Jeff Hardy for the United States Championship since that was the match that was planned for last Tuesday night’s Smackdown Live.

Nikkan Sports interviewed Nakamura on Saturday, and it was revealed that he should be back in action in about two weeks.

At this point, there is no word on if any legal action will be taken by WWE and/or Nakamura for what happened last Monday in Bakersfield.

Sir Mitch Says: At this point, it is unknown why the Police Dog attacked Nakamura, but it is known that he was not in possession of any illicit substances nor was he committing any crime. So the Bakersfield Police and whoever else was responsible for the Dog, and the Dog’s training are honestly 100% culpable if  Nakamura and WWE decide to take legal action!