Bray Wyatt Injured in Car Accident (UPDATED)

He was injured on Friday evening.  WWE is reporting that he was on his way to live events over the weekend and was involved a head-on collision that left him with “multiple injuries”.  The car is also totaled.

He was treated for this injuries at Tampa General Hospital and has been released.  We’ll stay on top of this and report more as new information becomes available.

Update:  According to the police crash record, Bray was at fault.  He wasn’t paying attention for whatever reason and he hit the car in front of him, causing it to veer off and hit another vehicle.  He’s been cited for “careless driving due to his failure to operate his vehicle in a careful and prudent manner”.


Botch Take:  DAG!  This will likely put the kibosh on the tag match between Deleter of Worlds & the B-Team.  I was really looking forward to that and while I’m sure we’ll get it at some point, it would have been fun for “Extreme Rules” given the creative build we’ve been getting for it.  

Of course, the chief concern, way before wrestling, is his health and the health of those involved in the crash.  We here at Wrestle Royalty wish them all the speediest and easiest of recoveries.