Monday Night Raw (7/2/18)

Will Ronda Rousey beat Alex Bliss Only In My Dreams?

Is Michael Cole Lost In Your Eyes?

Can Matt Hardy Shake Your Love?

Will Bayley fall victim to Electric Youth?

Can Eric Rowan repair the Foolish Beat of his heart?

None of these questions will be answered by Debbie Gibson or on this episode of “Monday Night Raw”!


Raw Results

Reigns in the ring complaining.  Ziggler out to talk smack.  Angle makes a match – Reigns &Rollins vs Ziggler & McIntyre

Matt Hardy in the ring on mic.  Backstage B Team mocks them on screen.

Axel defeats Matt Hardy

Dr. Shelby’s first segment with Sasha and Bayley in ‘friendship counseling.’

Authors of Pain defeat Titus Worldwide

Rollins & Reigns versus Ziggler & McIntyre ends in DQ when Revival attacks Reigns on the apron.  Ziggler and McIntyre beat down Rollins in the ring.

KO begs Angle to suspend and fire Braun for what happened last week.

Corbin demands an apology from Balor, it devolves to jokes from Balor and then into a fight.

Elisa backstage plays for Riott Squad members Liv and Sarah.

Ember Moon defeats Liv Morgan

Second segment of friendship counseling.

Reigns & Lashley defeat Revival via DQ when the ref calls the match as Reigns was hurt and refused to tag in Lashley

KO berates Angle to cancel his match with Braun, then goes on to bribery and begging.

Nia Jax defeats Mickie James

KO, interviewed backstage, says he’s all set to destroy Strowman.  Mahal is also there acting like he has any part in any of this.

Lashley spouting off backstage about things being different if he’d been here the past ten years.

Braun defeats KO via Countout after KO fled the arena, couldn’t find his keys, hid in a porta-john, got taped in, dragged through the arena, past Dewey Foley who got scared at the sight of Braun looking down on him, to the stage.  Braun then backed up, ran at the porta, knocking it off the stage.  KO was a blue mess when he was cut out of the box.


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