Attention Kmart Shoppers, A Child Is Lost At Ringside

Coming off such a lackluster Raw (sorry you got stuck writing about that one Botch), I was hoping for a solid SD. Further, I won’t be home next week, so this is the last SD I’ll write about before Extreme Rules, so I was hoping for a solid show. Starting and ending the way this episode did was a five-year throwback but in the best possible of ways. Team Hell No is something I didn’t realize I wanted to see back together as much as I’m loving their reunion. Basically, after Raw, I felt like this SD was a wonderful gift to write about, and I hope I don’t let you down.


5 Years!

It honestly hasn’t felt like five years since Team Hell No was a force in the WWE. They are really great together, so I get why they’re together, but I have to wonder if it’s something to placate Bryan, trying to keep Bryan with the WWE because he loves working with Kane. The small issues between them are fun to watch as they grow and fester. One of the best tag teams that no one ever expected. It’s so much fun to see Kane being the calm and sensible one when Bryan is the hot head. The fighting is so much fun between them, and since they’re back together, that means I don’t have to feel out of date wearing YES! shirts, NO! shirts, and that funky one I’ve never worn that has Kane and Bryan as a cartoon goat and demon.

The Usos were decent coming down talking smack and hugging, but I love the banter between Team Hell No, so it’s distracting to me. I love that they’re the main event this week.



I’m just going to say it, I think Jeff Hardy’s words are a way for him to show off his overblown ego. Yes, he’s eloquent, but that doesn’t mean that I think he’s very good in these segments. It could be my personal feelings for Jeff coming through, but I really just don’t see him as that great these days.

All that being said, I’m all for his patriotic showing on this, the 3rd of July.


Not Ever!

That’s how often Asuka is good on mic. I think she’d be better if she didn’t yell her words, but maybe she’s been told to do it that way. Either way, it was bad, but I cannot wait to see her destroy Ellsworth!


Hardy won?

I have to say I’m a bit shocked that Miz didn’t take the strap here. Jeff has been looking really rough, shaking his arm, and just not looking healthy in the ring. I’m a bit shocked that Miz didn’t take the strap off Jeff. I know it would probably be the end to the US Championship Challenge every week, but that might be better than Jeff risking his health in the ring each week.

I will say that the swanton to end the match looked better than most have lately. Actually, much of the match was really great, and I think Miz helped Jeff look more viable in the ring than he’s looked lately. Miz is amazing, and it’s so sad to see someone working their ring as they’re heading toward the end of their career.


One Time Jamaican!

Byron’s mic work here was great. He was so funny and sold it all wonderfully. I really didn’t think Byron had it in him, even though he’s been so much stronger on announce lately. It’s as though he’s decided not to let Corey push him around, and it’s working. Yes, Corey still says horrible things to Byron, but Byron rolls with it now, rather than drawing into himself.

New Day was fantastic, as always, though many of us in the SD DD wanted to see Woods dressed as Consequences Creed, because, well, it would have been epic! Speaking of epic, EY! I love that man! Okay, I know it’s SAniTy, but I drool over the mostly bald ginger whenever I get a chance. Beyond that, they looked great destroying New Day. I still love New Day, but this was a great attack, and hopefully sets up for a lot of greatness coming our way this summer!


All In The Numbers

Only because I love Andy Kauffman, and hope the WWE builds Ellsworth in this way, leading up to inducting Kauffman into the WWE HOF Class of 2019, am I okay with how this match ended.


You Set Your Brother On Fire!

I love the way Kane has come through on this episode of SD. He’s the one who is so sweet and caring about his dear friend. He’s much more cuddly than he was previously with Bryan, but it’s working with Bryan being so disgruntled. It’s working in such a different way than last time. The dynamics are so different that this feels really fresh, something I wouldn’t expect from WWE Creative right now.


Rusev Day

AJ really seemed shocked at how split the chants were for him and Rusev. I’ll admit that I was too. With them keeping Rusev heel, I thought he’d lose a bit of the love from the fans, but, really, not so much. Further, AJ and Rusev were both fantastic on mic here. Some of their most fun and believable work.

I really didn’t think English had a chance here, but he did better than I thought he would. Well, in reality, I know English could hang in the ring with AJ, but he hasn’t been booked to do so, therefore it was better than I expected it would be between the two. It was fun to watch English tap the way he did. He really seems to be a very humorous person, or that’s how he seems on camera since he’d gotten comfortable – got rid of Gotch – and he seems to enjoy himself out there.


Baby Girl & Little Boy!

Paige touching all over Ellsworth the way she does is so funny. Actually, Ellsworth’s reaction to the Lumberjack Match was great too. So much personality on SD these days!


Jobber Entrances!

No clue why Becky got the jobber entrance, or why she’s stuck working against these useless women, but she’s been relegated to working with those who can’t. This match wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t very good. Peyton didn’t have any serious or obvious botches in this match, but that doesn’t mean she looked good in the ring either. I know they’re getting pushed because their merch is selling, but I have no clue why it’s selling so well, because it’s ugly, and they’re just not very good. Time to cut bait and move on, because those girls are sucking!


Team Hell Yes!

Of course, Bryan took the brunt of the match with Kane making the hot tag and coming in, then the two of them finishing off the Usos. It was a textbook match but made so much better because Bryan hasn’t missed a step, and is possibly better than he was before he had to step away from the ring. He looked fantastic in there, and only that much better when working with Kane. Such an unexpected team, but so much chemistry and greatness. It’s odd to say that they might have more chemistry than the twins, but I’m going to say it because they really do.


Final Flush

A really solid episode of SD, bracketed by one of the best tag teams in the industry today. Again, I’m giddy to have so many Team Hell No shirts that won’t look out of date for me to wear now. Looks like I need to alter some Team Hell No shirts for the Royal Inquisition, but first my orange New Day shirt!

I will not be available next week, so I will not be writing The Royal Flush, but rest assured, whoever covers for me will be absolutely glorious!

Queen KB