Does Daniel Bryan Have Faith In WWE Creative?

The short answer is no.  Daniel Bryan was recently interviewed by The Gorilla Position podcast and said some things that I doubt McMahon is happy about.

When asked about possibly facing Miz at WrestleMania, Bryan was up for it, but…

“I am definitely up for it. You ask me that question, I will answer it with a question. Do you trust WWE with telling that story from now until WrestleMania 35? What in the last several years has shown to you that something like that is possible here?”

Bryan further stated:

“I think that would be awesome. I think it would be something that the fans would be excited to see. Whether or not we can prolong it because people want to see me punch Miz in the face. I want to punch Miz in the face. Whether we can prolong that on television for that period of time, I don’t know.”


QD – Since Bryan hasn’t signed a new contract with the WWE and there are so many other companies clamoring to get their hands on him, I am honestly worried that Bryan could leave the WWE before we get that feud we’ve been waiting to see for almost ten years.  It breaks my heart, but I cannot fault Bryan in this at all.  He’s so dedicated to the craft and has so many great options laid out in front of him.  I’ll be shocked if the WWE isn’t holding on his feud with Miz to keep it as an incentive to get Bryan to re-sign with the WWE.