Smackdown Live! (7/3/18)

Does Big E. realize that it Could’ve Been so beautiful, could’ve been so right?

Did Becky Lynch never dance with another when she Saw Him Standing There?

Will AJ Styles Hold An Old Friend’s Hand?

Does Charlotte Flair Think We’re Alone Now?

Is Daniel Bryan ever called Danny for short?

None of these questions will be answered by 80’s pop star Tiffany or in this week’s episode of “Smackdown Live”!


SD Results

Renee in the ring with Team Hell No as they argue.  Usos out and think they deserve the Tag Championship Match.  Paige out to make the main event between the teams.  If the Usos win, they will be added to the match at Extreme Rules.

Jeff Hardy in red, white, and blue facepaint talks about our country and sets the open challenge.

Asuka yells that it doesn’t matter who she faces, man or women, you are not ready for Asuka.

Jeff Hardy defeats Miz to retain US Championship

Ellsworth talking about how he will defeat Asuka tonight because he’s a man.

Pancake eating contest barely started when the lights went out, then SAniTy attacked and destroyed New Day.

Asuka vs Ellsworth ends in Double Countout as she chased him through the stands.  Carmella attacked Asuka as they made it to ringside.

Bryan has a huge list of things Kane needs to apologize for.  Kane actually apologizes, for everything.  They come together in agreement.

AJ defeats English via submission, then Rusev attacks AJ and beats him down.

IIconics backstage talking smack about Becky.

Paige makes Lumberjill Match for Ellsworth and Asuka next week on SD.

Becky defeats Peyton

Naka asks why Jeff paints his face.  At Extreme Rules Naka will take his pride, his honor, and US Championship.

Team Hell No defeats Usos  After they celebrate the Bludgeon Bros come out on stage and they stare each other down as SD goes off the air.


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