Taeler Hendrix Claims She Lost Her ROH Role Due To Jay Lethal #MeToo (w/ SECOND UPDATE)

Taeler Hendrix has claimed that she was told she was removed from ROH TV because she would not sleep with Jay Lethal. She put the following out on Twitter so far but hasn’t stated any details so far. Lethal has not made a statement as of yet either.

UPDATE – ROH released a statement about Hendrix’s accusations.

“We were troubled to hear the allegations that surfaced last night on Twitter. We take these matters very seriously and will be investigating this situation thoroughly, reviewing all evidence related to the matter. Ring of Honor strives to provide an environment and workplace where male and female wrestlers are free from any misconduct or abuse. We will take appropriate action upon the conclusion of our findings.”

SECOND UPDATE:  Jay Lethal has issued the following statement concerning the allegations made against him.  Here it is as posted on his Twitter account:


QD – Um, wow! I did not see this coming. I will state that I adore Lethal and have had a personal bad history with Hendrix while working elsewhere, but I’m a reporter and will work hard to stay objective on this one – as I do all my reporting. First off, this is the first time I’ve heard anything of this sort about Lethal, but in discussing this behind the curtain with other WR writers, one heard of a single, unsubstantiated rumbling of something when Lethal was Black Machismo in TNA. I would also like to state that #MeToo has been a fantastic thing for women around the world, though there are some who have used the movement to lie. All we have to do is look at the Enzo situation to know that not everyone is forthright when stepping forward. Personally, I’m going to sit back and watch this one before passing any sort of judgment. All my best goes out to anyone who has had to deal with any unwanted advances or assault in the workplace. It’s never right to treat another human being in any untoward way.

Botch Take:  As this story is rapidly turning into “he said/she said” and we don’t want to wallow in its mire, it’s likely best if we stop here on this story.  Both have revealed their sides and we’ll leave it here unless something truly seismic happens with it.