West Flippin’ Nowhere

Hey, kids!  It’s the Botching One and the “Pickup” has rolled into town again.  Let’s see what awaits us here at “205 Live”.  Last week gave us the debut of Lio Rush and that went extremely well.  Let’s hope they continue capitalizing on it.  Okay, on with the show…


TJP vs. Noam Dar

TJP did exceedingly well here on the promo.  He displayed some real edge and fun.  I buy him as a heel completely.

The match itself was incredibly short.  Noam came out and quickly put TJP away with a grand total of three moves.  It’s really nice to see Noam Dar back.  Part of me kinda wishes he was still with “Alicia Fooooooooooox” but he should still be fun on his own.  Be still, my beating heart – I do believe “205 Live” is finally telling us stories!  I want to see where this goes!  Very well done all around.


Backstage segment – Buddy Murphy

This was quick and believable.  Nice.


Akira Tozawa vs. Jason Strife

How the mighty have fallen!  Akira is full of personality.  He deserves far better than he’s gotten but he’s been booked into complete boredom.

Poor Jason is clearly in there to job, though he had a couple of nice moves. Akira’s finishing dive isn’t much to look at but it gets the job done.

The addition of Lio Rush coming out to watch was much fun.  I’m not averse to a Lio/Akira feud in the least bit.  Lio would have no problem talking us into it and they’d tear the house down together for sure so I’m all for that.

Lio on the mic is just money.  He’s the best in “205 Live” at this point where that’s concerned and he was the moment he first spoke.  He is the charisma that “205 Live” is absolutely starved for by this point.  He’s kind of like Enzo without the issues.  I am beyond excited for Lio’s future and can’t wait to see where he goes.  More importantly, I don’t think it’ll take him long to get there.

Yes, I’m a huge Lio Rush fan and have been since his MCW days and beyond.


Backstage segment – Mustafa Ali

Mustafa really is all heart.  This wasn’t long but I liked it.  Everyone seems to be stepping up their game a bit on mic this evening but Mustafa never had a  problem.  He was always ultra-believable.


Mustafa Ali vs. Buddy Murphy

Well, this took no time at all to get going.  It went right to full speed before the bell rang.  They also took no time to take it to the announce table.  They even went into the crowd…and that was less than 1 minute in to the match. They worked in there like rock stars and got lots of time to do it.

This was a no-DQ match and they kinda worked that angle without getting too crazy.  The crowd was chanting for tables at one point but there was no way we’d get that in “205 Live” match.  Murphy did get diabolical with the ring steps and that was fun.

The superplex off the top of the upright ring steps in the ring.  I cannot!!!!!

I really liked Mustafa getting caught in the ring ropes.  He sold it like a champ and it allowed Murphy to become completely diabolical.

Neither man gave any quarter here and this match deserved SOOOO much more than it got from that crowd.  They didn’t give nothing by any means but what they gave wasn’t enough.  For my part, this match thrilled me from bell to bell.  I can’t say enough good about it.  You can’t give any more if you’re Ali or Murphy and they’ve both likely shortened their careers with this match.


“205 Live” is finally beginning to get better.  They’ve learned the value of not only giving us great main events, but making the rest of the show good as well.  Even better, they’re starting to tell stories again…and doing it well. I couldn’t be happier with this show.  More, please.  See you next week for another “Pickup”.  I honestly can’t wait to do it either!