Did WWE Drop The Ball With Enzo?

It appears as though Enzo Amore found out about the investigation against him the same time everyone else did, which means that his being fired from the WWE for not alerting them to the situation was erroneous.  Enzo had stated this on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s podcast, but a copy of the report has turned up and it backs up his claims.

During the course of this investigation and without approval or knowledge of the Phoenix Police Department, the victim posted a statement about the incident on several social media outlets. She also gave an interview to a news program and news outlets. The victim’s posts stated that not only was [redacted] involved but implicated Mr. [redacted] in the incident as well. The victim stated she was drugged and left for sexual assault. The social media posts differed from her original statement.

After the victim public disclosed the active investigation, the suspect [redacted], now had knowledge of the investigation and all contact was directly to his attorneys.


The statement went on to say:

On 10/24/17, I attempted to contact the victim but I was unable to reach her on her primary phone number. Upon calling her secondary telephone number, I spoke to the victim’s father, [redacted]. He informed me that the victim was currently in an in-patient lock down rehab facility and was currently unable to be contacted.

Mr. [redacted] gave me the name [redacted] as an administrator for the facility and a telephone number of [redacted]. He stated that I would have to contact [redacted] to facilitate any contact with the victim. The facility in question is the [redacted] facility.

This investigation is ongoing and pending contact with the victim. The victim’s sex crimes evidence kit has been impounded and forwarded to the crime lab for processing.



QD – This really does put a spin on things! I’d be shocked if the WWE brought Zo back after the backstage heat he had, how few people really liked him, and how much he’s opened his mouth since leaving the WWE. All that being said, and I have not seen Zo’s contract, but I have to wonder if he has a wrongful termination lawsuit just waiting to be filed. As I have said numerous times, this #MeToo movement is a wonderful thing, other than when people use it in spiteful ways to hurt others. I might not be impressed with the person behind the Enzo character, I still don’t like seeing him hurt for something he so clearly did not do.