Jim Ross Takes Nasty Spill During IWGP US Title Match; Josh Barnett Leaps Into The Ring In Anger (Video)

Jim Ross took a nasty looking fall at the G1 Special in San Francisco as a result of Jay White hitting Juice Robinson with a snap suplex into the barricade next to the commentator’s table. Ross’s commentary partner Josh Barnett was livid and charged after White and into the ring. Warning, some salty language is in the Video below:

Obviously, not long after this happened fans began to speculate whether this was a work or a shoot. Josh Barnett indicated on Twitter after the show that it was not a work and Jim Ross seemed legitimately upset after the incident. Ross even stated on Commentary “The Officials at ringside need to get their s**t together” moments after the incident, and after the show was over, he also stated, “My ass is going home to Oklahoma.”

Sir Mitch Says: I sincerely hope this was actually a work and that JR is ok!