Major Update Concerning Brock Lesnar! (Update)

According to several reputable sources, Brock Lesnar has entered into the USADA testing pool to begin a path of return to UFC. The same sources are reporting that Brock Lesnar is backstage at tonight’s UFC 226 event and is scheduled to appear during the evening in the octagon. There is no immediate confirmation on when Brock entered the testing pool again, as his name is not listed on the USADA testing pool site.

Brock has been spotted on camera in the crowd at the event. While walking past the octagon, Joe Rogan reported that Brock was pointing towards it. Evidently, Brock had some words for Joe as well, telling him that Joe needs to get back to his Podcast.

As I am sure readers know by now, we at Wrestle Royalty have been following these developments extremely closely for the past weeks concerning Brock Lesnar’s future in the WWE. We will continue to follow and post any and all breaking news concerning Brock’s future in the WWE/UFC.


Following his win, Daniel Cormier called out Brock Lesnar, who immediately climbed into the cage with him.

Brock was given a live microphone and called the heavyweight division a bunch of b*tches. Cormier retaliates and wants to go after Brock right then and there. However, after each other got shoved, they were broken up by others in the cage. Looks like Brock is heading back to UFC for sure now!

Here’s video of the confrontation provided by UFC on their YouTube page. WARNING! CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE! The action begins at the 2 minute mark of the video:

Jester’s Jest: I only have one thing to say concerning his return to the UFC from WWE. BYE FELICIA! I am sorry, but I expected much, much more out of him upon his return. I wasn’t expecting a 4 match per year wrestler that wins the Universal Title and is non-existent. I wish him all the best upon his return to UFC.