Jim Ross In Hospital After G1 Special Incident

Jim Ross is currently hospitalised in Norman, Oklahoma with a broken rib. For those of you that did not see NJPW’s G1 Special in San Francisco, Ross was injured after taking an unplanned bump after Jay White suplexed Juice Robinson into the barricade. The barricade caused the commentary table to push into Ross, and that is when he fell over.

Straight after it happened, Josh Barnett got up from commentary and exchanged words with Jay White, and both Ross and Barnett both expressed frustration with the situation for the rest of the show leading to speculation that the whole thing may have been a work. However, both Ross and Barnett have said on twitter that the spot was not planned and as JR being in the hospital right now is proof of that.

Here is a video of the incident:

We wish Jim Ross a speedy recovery.

Sir Mitch Says: JR was noticeably upset about this for the remainder of the show and during the Cody vs Kenny match a guardrail fell on the ring announcer after a spot on the outside both he and Barnett criticised how said guardrails were set up.