Hey, kids, it’s the Baron of Botch with yet another “Pickup” as I cover the latest in “205 Live” action.  We’re well into its revamp and while not where I’d like it to be, it’s definitely better.  Let’s dive in, shall we?


Kalisto (w/ Gran Metalik & Lince Dorado) vs. Tony Nese (w/ Buddy Murphy)

Sorry but the Lucha House Party has got to be the most boring faction in wrestling history.  Combatting that is the most boring superstar in WWE right now, Tony Nese.

Don’t get me wrong, they can all work.  I’m not saying they can’t.  It’s just that Nese has all the charisma of a manilla envelope and the guys in Lucha House Party are virtually interchangeable.  They aren’t individuals so there’s no reason to care about them as people.

The work here was good, of course.  Nese tried to antagonize the audience a couple of times but he has no clue how to do it so it fell completely flat.  There was a nice botch where Kalisto went to flip Nese by getting Nese’s head between his ankles but missed it by a mile and Nese sold the move anyway.  Nese also got kicked in the mouth as he was bloodied a bit.

Of course, Murphy got involved because the Lucha House Party were a tremendous distraction outside.  This will undoubtedly set up another match where the Lucha House Party faces Murphy & Nese with someone else.  This actually makes complete sense but for my part, I’d like a break from the Lucha House Party for a while.  They’ve gone completely stale for me.


Backstage segment – Noam Dar, TJP & Drake Maverick

“Things are different around here…but they’re much worse”.  They aren’t much worse.  Things really are a bit better and that’s a good thing.  One way they’re a bit better is in the promo department.  They’re being kept shorter and they mean more.  This was pretty good and it set up a rematch between Noam & TJP which I’m okay with.


Lio Rush vs. Colin Delaney (!) [w/ Akira Tozawa outside]

Thank goodness we have Lio.  Turnabout’s fair play and we have Akira outside to watch Akira just like Lio watched Akira last week.  Lio is such a pro.  Before the match started, he went to get Akira a chair.  Brilliant!  On top of all of that charisma, Lio is also lightning fast.  He’s actually faster than my other favorite, Cedric Alexander.  As pretty a frog splash as you’ll see and this one was over.  My only complaint with this match is that it was far too short.  I was enjoying it and it ended.

Putting Akira on a mic is a dicey proposition through no fault of his own.  It was kept short and it wasn’t bad.  Lio went to take off his right earring when it started to climax.  Apparently, that wasn’t worth doing it for Delaney.  Drake came out all hot and bothered and that worked too.  Better yet, it set up a match between Akira & Lio next week.  I am ALL for that!

Some of you may remember Colin Delaney for his time in WWE’s awful rendition of ECW years back.  He was in a fun angle with Tommy Dreamer and then turned on him and made for some fun matches.  Since then, he’s been on the indies putting in work.  Nice to see him back, even if he was here just to job hard.


Cedric Alexander vs. Hideo Itami

This match got about 18 minutes to happen and they used it all to great effect.  Hideo got kicked in the mouth very early on and drew blood quickly.  Cedric’s dive to the outside completely missed (Nigel said he “didn’t get all of it”…he didn’t get any of it – a rare miss).  Hideo got absolutely vicious with Cedric outside.  They’re telling the story that each opponent gets tougher and tougher for Cedric to beat and they’re doing it really well.  Cedric took it by the skin of his teeth.  VERY nice match.  That’s always the case.  Each match at the end of the show is great.


So ends another episode of “205 Live”.  Cedric’s run, from a “205 Live” perspective, has been the most fun yet.  I just wish he showed more charisma overall to make this more fun.  He’s been pretty milquetoast on the mic.  He does absolutely get it done in the ring but beyond the ring work, he’s not giving us a reason to care.  That’s always been a problem for him since he debuted in WWE.  Hopefully, when the inevitable feud with Lio happens, it’ll bring more out of him.  See you all next week for another “Pickup”!