Former Divas Champion Returning To WWE For The Next Mae Young Classic!

After a four-year hiatus that involved launching a clothing line, a YouTube channel and a stint at Coastal Championship Wrestling, Celeste Bonin — popularly known as Kaitlyn in the WWE ring — is making her WWE comeback this August as she participates in the second Mae Young Classic tournament.

Bonin retired from WWE in January 2014. She won the third season of the original NXT and had a five-month reign as Divas Champion before leaving the company due to creative differences in 2014.

She made an in-ring comeback in January 2018 on the indies and has been rumored to be on her way back to WWE ever since!

Sir Mitch Says: Kaitlyn’s feud with AJ Lee in 2013-2014 produced some of the best Women’s Wrestling in WWE for eons and in my opinion was a precursor to the Women’s Revolution/Evolution!