Raw TV Rating Hit Record Low This Week

Just six days before the Extreme Rules in Pittsburgh, this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw drew a record low viewership of 2.46 million viewers. That’s down from last week’s 2.70 million.

The show hasn’t done ratings this bad since Sept. 2016 when it went up against one of the Presidential debates between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

This week’s show had no such competition.

The hourly breakdown:

Hour one: 2.58 million
Hour two: 2.51 million
Hour three: 2.32 million

It was just a few months ago that every hour of any given episode was doing over three million viewers.

Sir Mitch Says: Any time somebody brings up the fact WWE’s ratings aren’t that great, somebody else very angrily points out that with the changing television landscape TV ratings for all types of programs across the board. While this is correct, WWE TV ratings have dropped significantly more than most.    

For example, TV ratings for Major League Baseball games have dropped 4% over the last three years, but WWE Raw has dropped 7.5% during the same period.      

Now you may believe WWE’s higher-ups gave nothing to worry about thanks to their astronomical new TV deals, but you have to remember with that much more money comes that much more expectations!     

If Smackdown doesn’t deliver the type of broadcast TV ratings, Fox Network executives and advertisers are hoping for when the new deals take effect in October 2019…WWE may have to contend with more interference from Network executives then they are used too.