This I Promise You

Hello everybody! This is S.A.M. I am and I am filling in for our Queen for this week’s Flush. This is the “go-home” episode of Smackdown Live for Extreme Rules so let us see what Smackdown has to offer this week.


Miz TV

I didn’t think that I would be this into a Team Hell No reunion but the chemistry Daniel Bryan and Kane have is something special. The Miz did what he always does and attempted to stir the pot by showing the bad parts of Kane and Bryan’s history. Of course, this was going to cost Miz as he said one thing too many which led Kane to try and attack him. The Bludgeon Bros would come out to confront Team Hell No but SAnitY would also come out and beat them to the punch. New Day came out for the save but the heels gained the upper hand. This would of course lead to a massive 10-man tag match for the main event so good segment overall. Also, Kane giving that “NSYNC is never going to reunite because JT is too big of a star now” just killed me. Such fantastic comedic timing that I always forget Kane has.


Nakamura vs Styles

I was hoping they would avoid matching up AJ vs Nakamura again after their lengthy feud but here we are once again. Rusev Day would come out before the match starts to deliver a promo and pretty much guarantee they would get involved some way. Rusev joined commentary and I thoroughly enjoyed him there and reminded me of him on UpUpDownDown where he is one of the most hilarious guests every time. Styles and Nakamura obviously work well together with the countless matches they have had with one another and this was another solid one. Things would break down with Rusev and English getting involved and causing a DQ and Jeff Hardy coming to make the save. This would lead to a “Teddy Long Special”.


Styles & Hardy vs Nakamura & RUSEV DAAAYYY!!!

And here we have the first of our “Teddy Long Special” matches for this edition of Smackdown Live and this was a solid tag match. All four workers involved can go in the ring, even though Jeff has been dealing with an injury and that has limited him some. Jeff has looked better in weeks but one cannot help but think he can use some time off and a summer break would be a good time for it. Rusev earned the win for his team with a Machka kick to Jeff. Side note, Rusev sells a stunner like only few have done and I love him for it.


Mella is Money

Not much to say here other than Ellsworth warming up backstage and Carmella shows him who is boss by telling him to not wink at him or else she will beat him worse than she will Asuka on Sunday. Ellsworth has been a good for Carmella in the past and looks like he is doing the same so far since his return.


Is Ellsworth Ready for Asuka?

Next up is the Lumberjack Match between James Ellsworth and Asuka and this went down as one would expect an intergender match to go down in WWE these days. A lot of Ellsworth running away and the lumberjacks grabbing him and throwing him back in the ring. Things break down at one point and the lumberjacks start fighting amongst themselves for reasons I guess. Ellsworth uses the confusion to try and run away but Becky and Naomi drag him back to the ring and Asuka picks up the win with the Asuka Lock. Post-match, Ellsworth would spray Asuka with something and would lead to Carmella superkicking her. I do hope one-day WWE can do intergender matches that aren’t just a comedy match but something more because the indies and lucha libre are doing it and it show that it can work.


Team Hell No and New Day are NSYNC 

This was by far my segment of the night and I could not stop laughing. New Day and Team Hell No have amazing chemistry and bounced off each other very well. Kane just stole this segment with his “setting them on fire” and “dragging them to hell” line and then Daniel Bryan questioning that by saying that they would just summon Satan and he would open a portal for them. Of course, Kane had to correct him by saying it was more of a gateway than a portal. Kane then added the NSYNC lyric from “This I Promise You” of “I give you my word, this is a battle we win, and with this vow, forever has now begun, this I promise you.”


Ellsworth In a Cage

I am not going to say I called this but I did say it seemed like this Carmella vs Asuka match was going to end up having James Ellsworth in a shark cage above the ring. Paige find Ellsworth and Carmella walking backstage after his match with Asuka and announces the stipulation of Ellsworth in a shark cage for “Extreme Rules” on Sunday. This definitely adds to a possible screwy finish to the match on Sunday but we will have to wait and see.


Cien Almas vs Sin Cara

I have been a huge fan of the pairing of Cien Almas and Zelina Vega and I really believe they play well off each other. Sin Cara does have skill in the ring and has shown it at times and I had a feeling this would be a good match because Almas is a fantastic in ring worker. Almas has that lucha history and that played well into this match as both workers were able to do a lucha style match on Smackdown Live. Working that style did benefit the both of them because this was a very good match. Predictably, Almas went over Sin Cara and I am looking forward to what he and Zelina can bring to Smackdown Live. These two have a power duo type of vibe to them and both can be stars.


SAnitY meets the Bludgeoning 

I don’t know what the future holds for SAnitY but I do hope they all get a fair chance on Smackdown. They were one of the most successful acts in NXT and they showed how good they can be in this short promo. The Bludgeon Bros were good here as well but they still didn’t do much. Most of this score is for SAnitY and not the Bludgeon Bros.


10-Man Tag Team Match

Multi-person matches like this can often not work because not all the members get an equal amount of time to be showcased but this was not the case. This was a fun match and if you looked at the individual members of this match, it should come as no surprise. The tag division on Smackdown is actually rather stacked with SAnitY, New Day, Bludgeon Bros, Team Hell No, Usos, The Good Brothers, Rusev Day and The Bar. I do believe one of those teams should go to Raw because the Raw tag division is shallow in comparison. The end of the match saw things break down with everybody hitting their finishers and big moves and Daniel Bryan picking up the win for his team after hitting Eric Young with his running knee. After the match, Daniel Bryan tried to do Kane’s pyro and was failing at it but then he actually did it! I must admit, I marked out a bit for seeing pyro as it is a rarity nowadays in WWE.


Final Flush

This was a very good “go-home” episode for Smackdown Live and got me more excited for Extreme Rules on Sunday. I enjoyed filling in for our Queen this week for the Flush and she will be back to write it next week. Make sure you join us for another Dignified Discussion for Extreme Rules this Sunday!