Daughter Of Former WWE Star Training To Wrestle

Santino Marella was seen at the Performance Center working as a guest coach last week. And apparently, it looks like there might have been another reason why Marella was visiting in Orlando this week.

He noted on Twitter that his 22-year-old daughter Bianca Carelli has started training to be a pro wrestler. Carelli is a former Miss Teen Ontario Pagent winner and has worked as a ring announcer at Marella’s BattelArts wrestling shows.

In recent weeks, she has been training at Tyson Dux’ Wrestling Factory in London, Ontario. We wish her the best as she works towards the goal of getting accepted at the WWE Performance Center in 2019.

Here’s a photo of her from 2016 while doing ring announcing duties:

Sir Mitch Says: While I’m usually against nepotism in most industries, I’m all for it in Pro Wrestling as it is a rich tradition going back to the business’s carny routs!