Jim Ross And Jim Barnett Discuss The G1 San Francisco Incident

Jim Ross’ broadcast partner Josh Barnett was this week’s guest on the “Jim Ross Report” podcast. Barnett and JR went into detail on what happened on Saturday night at the G1 Special in San Francisco, and they reiterated again that JR’s bump and Barnett’s reaction was not planned. In fact, JR was upset because he asked NJPW officials on Friday to make sure that wrestlers did not work near the announcer’s table. JR and Barnett also pointed out that someone dropped the ball when the security railings were set up because they were not linked together.

Below is a transcription and a small clip from the podcast:

“It seemed like you were okay until he taunted you,” said Ross.

Barnett said, “That was the crowning moment there. Everything happened so damn fast. As soon as that table went, down, you went. Someone tried to go, ‘you even try to catch him.’ I go – how the f**k am I gonna catch him? Juice Robinson is 235 lbs getting suplexed into a table. We were getting disrespected. That was it.”

Ross said that he has issues with both of his lungs and ribs and there was some concern that he could contract pneumonia. Thankfully, he has a good doctor and neighbors checking on him. Ross noted that this temporary health setback cause him to miss some appearances this week

Barnett also said that Robinson and White reached out to apologize after the show. You can listen to the entire podcast by clicking here or you can subscribe via your favorite podcast app on your phone.

Sir Mitch Says: Work or Shoot, I’m just glad JR is going to be ok!