How Does A Rainbow Feel?

I know many readers love my reactions as the show airs, so much of what I wrote here was written as the Extreme Rules PPV, so please know that all reactions were as they happened. If things happened, then changed through the show, those things will not be reflected in the previously written segments. I hope you enjoy my reactions to all the matches and major segments to the show, as I truly enjoyed writing them.


Gold Pants

Wow, Cien’s gold pants were horrible on him! Zelina looked great but Cien’s were too big and he looked a total mess in them. Beyond that, there were a few issues in the match, and while I cannot completely say who was at fault, Sin Cara looked much tighter overall in the match, so I have to point to Cien. I will give Cien props as he emotes better in the ring than he does on mic, or when Zelina is on mic, but it’s still nothing compared to how Zelina emoted outside the ring. In all honesty, Sin Cara is too good in the ring to be stuck facing Cien in the opening match in front of few fans, and Zelinas is so much better than standing ringside while Cien isn’t that great.


Tables, Not Ladders!

As much as I love New Day, seeing Sanity winning this match was great. Sadly posting the results I posted it as a Ladder Match, but I got that fixed. Not sure how Sanity would do in a Ladder Match as Wolfe and Dane are some big guys, but EY is fleet of foot.

This match was way too short, and shouldn’t have been on the Kick Off. These six guys are money. Yes, Sanity is new on SD, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t made their mark in NXT, and EY is very well respected in the industry. On the other hand, I have to say that New Day is such a wonderful team for Sanity to work with and get over with the more casual fans. They can work with anyone, make them look great, even when they aren’t – though Sanity doesn’t need that help – and always do all they can for the fans. They did just that in this match, and because of that it was a fun little Kick Off match, but it could have been a show stealer with more time on the main card.

Stretch Armstrong On The Moon!

Axel talking after they won the match about had me on the floor laughing. I’m so glad he found HIS personality. He could have tried to be his father’s son, but that wouldn’t have worked. Actually, so many things didn’t work for Axel and Bo, but now, they have found their thing, and I have to say it’s thanks to being with Miz that they are doing so well.

The work in the ring between the brothers had the fans in attendance and at home smiling. We have wanted to see them work together, one way or another, since Bo came up to the main roster, and this was great. I’m sure this is only the start of their feud.


Ugh, Lesnar

I know it’s all storyline, but ugh! The fans really loved the idea of stripping Brock Lesnar of the Universal Championship. Between the cheers and the “YES!” chants, the fans loved the idea, but we know that won’t happen at this point.


Finally, Balor

Watching Corbin freak out in the ring over his loss was great. That is only going to piss him off that much more. Discussing in the Extreme Rules DD, many of us thought Corbin had been more interesting than Balor lately, and that Balor needed to win this one, and I have to agree. Corbin has finally found his niche, and is doing quite well in his Constable role. No clue who came up with the idea, but they deserve a gold star. As for this match, it wasn’t the best, but not at all bad.


Backstage Incident

Bludgeon Brothers really took out Bryan and Kane. No clue where they’re going with this, but the beat down was solid, and Paige looked amazing rushing in to tend to her SD wrestlers. I just hope they don’t do something stupid by putting someone horrid with Bryan tonight.


Shark Tank

Really? We always know that there will be shenanigans when someone is in a shark cage above the ring, but this was just ridiculous! I loved it when Chyna “bent” the bars to get out of the cage, because it was creative, and showed so much of her character. This showed McMahon’s character and it wasn’t good. I know why they are going this direction, so Asuka can have a great comeback over Carmella’s antics, but this is getting too campy, even for me, and that’s saying something. If they had done this on SD, I’d have been fine with it, but not on a PPV, not like this. I love silliness and campiness, what I don’t love is to be made a fool of as a pro wrestling fan, and that’s what this segment did. It wasn’t even really a match, it was a segment, and while Ellsworth got his in a big way, Carmella’s reign is starting to get silly, and that’s never good for any Champion, ever. (Only reason this got one crown was for Asuka working her bum off beating up Ellsworth, and selling everything in that match.)


I Hear Injuries Below The Belt Too!

Well, we know why Jeff Hardy lost this match, and Nakamura needed this quick win after never beating AJ for the WWE Championship, but match placement was horrid. Coming after that travesty of a Championship Match, this was too fleeting to really be appreciated.

So, Orton is heel again? Interesting, because he’s been more than boring for such a long time. Maybe he will give us something worth watching again? Fingers crossed.


Crotch Chop!

While Mitch thought the cuffs in this match were too much gimmick for a gimmick match on a gimmick PPV, I thought the cuffs were perfect, and I honestly thought that, because of where Strowman was cuffed, he’d step out the door and win the match still cuffed. I’m glad that didn’t happen because this ending was great! Actually, the build, the storyline, the work from both guys, and all they have done for the fans leading up to this, and (I imagine) SummerSlam. This feud has been more about the personalities, mic work, crazy antics, and storyline than it has been about who wins what. It takes some very strong personalities to make that work, and these two have so much more left in them. I cannot wait to see how they build for SummerSlam, because this is far from over!


Bryan Goes It Alone?

Back to the epitome of underdog, Bryan looked great in this match, even though he was all alone…mostly. Honestly, the work in this match was some of the best of the night so far. Yes, there’s been a lot of great work, but the heart, passion, and dedication in this match was a step above all the gimmicks we’ve seen so far. Bludgeon Brothers looked that much better in this match, and we already know how great they can be. It really was a wonderful match, even with the few quirks. I cannot wait to see Team Hell No grow that much more and, probably beat Bludgeon Brothers at SummerSlam.


Reigns Is Face?

That’s not at all what I see when he acts the way he did with B Team backstage. I really don’t get why McMahon thinks he’s a face of any sort. B Team, on the other hand, are just magical.


Who Cares?

I know I was supposed to be watching this match with baited breath, but I realized a few minutes in that I was reading Now, I’ve been medieval for the past week (one of the best events I’ve been to in a very long time), so I am a bit (extremely) over tired, even though I had a two hour nap when I got home today. It didn’t help, I still couldn’t, or didn’t want to, pay attention to this match, at all.

What is it with Lashley and all that sweat? While that headband looks totally dorky, I absolutely get why he wears it after seeing how he sweats. My father-in-law wears headbands to keep sweat out of his hearing aids, but he’s a doddering old man and it’s kinda cute on him, in a dorky way.

When I actually watched the match, it wasn’t too bad. I have a bad habit of tuning out matches I don’t care about, but the second half of this match really ramped up and looked solid. I’m thrilled it wasn’t the main event, because that would have emptied the arena of all but those there heckling them. This was the match the WWE fans didn’t want to see and showed their displeasure by chanting almost anything but for those in the ring. They did beat up the two in the ring a bit, but not as bad as they could have, and they didn’t let the fans crimp their style, which is good as Reigns can get rattled by them. All in all, not a too bad match.


Kendo, Chairs, And Trash Cans…

Well, it was almost exactly as most of us expected. We all knew that Mickie and Nattie would get involved, and that Ronda would come over the barricade and get involved as well. Yes, Bliss retained, as we expected, and nothing went at all against what we thought would happen, and while it was fun to watch, it really wasn’t anything excited. That being said, both women were strong in what was basically a hardcore match, and made it look as if they worked this type of match all the time.


Botch! And Not!

I’m somewhat surprised by the number of botches in this match, which is not good for Rusev moving forward. Rusev appeared to be off his mark a couple times in this match, and I’m sure he’d going to hear it from McMahon when he goes backstage. I guess that’s why this match isn’t the main event, which really should have been, even though Rollins and Ziggler have built a better feud. I think placement on the show told most of us that Rusev wasn’t going to win this Championship Match, but after the first couple issues, they really cleaned it up and gave us a great match! I cannot wait to see what else Rusev can do, and what will happen between him and English. So much more greatness to come for Rusev Day!


Poise Of A Champion

Rollins is so great on mic. He conveys exactly what he wants each and every time he’s on the mic, and that always makes for great TV.


Iron-ish Man

The first have of this match wasn’t that good. It was so over-booked that the fans got bored. Luckily McIntyre was tossed out from ringside and the match got so much better! It was shocking how much better this match became after McIntyre was tossed. This is when things really started working for both in the ring, and the fans grew more interested in the match.

The second half of this match was stellar! So much greatness between these two, all coming down to wonderful timing with Rollins’ last cover when the time ran out. Of course McIntyre had to cheat to help Ziggler win, they are heels after-all. Therefore there will be more between these two going forward, but I hope they’re more serious in the booking of their SummerSlam match.


Final Glow

What a squirrely show of ups and downs. So much greatness and so much stupidity. What a roller coaster ride of fun, and lameness. I have to say that overall, I think this was a solid PPV, and they did (mostly) well with the issues they were dealing with, specifically Ellsworth in the shark cage and Kane’s injury. Few PPVs are great from start to finish, and for not being a big four, I have to say they did quite well with it. Not sure I’m truly happy with either Women’s Championship match, but with McMahon at the helm, there will always be some serious screwiness.

Queen KB