Monday Night Raw (7/16/18)

Raw Results

Opening segment in the ring where Lesnar doesn’t appear, but Heyman agrees to BL defending the Universal Championship at SummerSlam, after Angle was ready to strip BL of the strap.  Six men come out stating that they each should face BL at SummerSlam.  Angle makes two Triple Threat Matches – Balor vs Reigns vs McIntyre and Lashley vs Rollins vs Elias.  The first of the two start next.

Reigns defeats Balor & McIntyre

Backstage Angle puts Bayely & Sasha against Dana & Fox.  If Bayley and Sasha cannot get along, one will be traded to SD.

Ziggler in the ring gloating over his ER win.  Roode out to challenge him.  Ziggler gives him a match, but not for the IC Title.

Ziggler defeats Roode

Short Lashley segment backstage.

Mojo taunts Roode backstage.

Mojo defeats Breeze

Dana & Fox defeat Sasha & Bayley via DQ (or double count out, not announced)

Backstage Bayley demanded to know what was going on.  Sasha told her she doesn’t like talking about feelings, but she loves Bayley.

B Team defeats Ascension

Backstage promo by Deleter of Worlds about facing B Team next week on Raw for the TTC.

Bliss talking smack in the ring with Mickie by her side.  Ronda through the fans to the stage, so they try to flee but are cut off.   Ronda takes out Mickie, but then Bliss and fans get Mickie free from Ronda.  Ronda up the ramp and takes them both out, along with the refs.  Ronda throws Bliss back in the ring, but Angle out on mic to stop her from breaking Bliss’ arm.  Angle tells Ronda to go home, but Corbin demands there be more disciplined.  Angle adds a week on, but Corbin doesn’t like that and is going to call Steph, after telling Angle to stay put.  Angle says that Ronda gets Bliss when her suspension is up but will lose it if she does anything more.  Ronda gets Bliss for the strap at SummerSlam.

AoP defeats Titus Worldwide

Sarah Logan defeats Ember Moon!

Elias singing in the ring until Rollins comes out so they can start theTrpleThreat main event.

Lashley defeats Rollins & Elias  Lashley will face Reigns next week on Raw.




Did Vince McMahon make The Call that changed Roman Reigns destiny?

Will Alexa Bliss Quit Playing Games with My Heart?

Can Kevin Owens Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely?

Should we care who Nia Jax is, where she’s from, or what she did As Long As You Love Me?

Is it true that, without Mickie James, all I’m going to be is Incomplete?

None of these questions will be answered by either the Backstreet Boys or during this episode of “Monday Night Raw”!