Mark Henry States That WWE Wrestlers Are Split On Hogan’s Return To WWE

Mark Henry spoke about Hulk Hogan‘s return to the WWE and whether he thought Hogan was being honest in making amends for all he’s done.

When asked if the black members of the roster were welcoming to Hogan upon his return:

No, no, it’s 50/50. I’ve talked to guys that were like ‘the hell with him.’ And then I had guys that were like ‘if [Hogan] is willing to make a change, and try to help out and go speak up and be part of the answer rather than a part of the problem, then it’s all good.’

On whether Henry thinks Hogan is making amends:

I do. I genuinely feel like he wants to clear his name. He sees people that used to respect him, but they look at him different. It hurts, but he brought that on himself. He’s trying his best to clear that up. I don’t know if it’s from—some people are going to say he’s missing those big checks, so he wants to rectify that situation—that’s always going to be a factor. We always want to keep our buying power up, but I don’t think that’s the case with him. I think if he did some appearances where he helped raise money to go to some of these organizations that need help in the inner cities, urban sectors, then I think that people would be less likely to it to be a ploy for him to make more money.

Whether he thinks Hogan returning is the right thing:

I think it’s good in a lot of ways, because there’s always a learnable moment, a teachable moment. It teaches forgiveness and teaches us that we can step up from adversity. It also shows that in a time with so much racial divide with government and different things, different social groups, that there are some people that actually have an affinity and care, and want to redeem themselves. I hope that he can do that.

QD – I truly hope that Henry is right about Hogan making amends and bettering himself, as well as this being a learning experience for others in pro wrestling and media in general.  Only time will tell if Hogan is genuine.