Right Here in Wilkes-Boring!

TJP vs. Noam Dar

Dag, I like him like this!  He talks FANTASTIC trash!  This was definitely more of a match than the last time they faced off.  It kinda had to be.  Decent story told here for sure.  It also made TJP more hate-able.  Nice heel work from TJP.  Very nice back and forth throughout and nice submission sequence.  For my part, I’m just glad the show didn’t open with Lucha House Party for the 1,000,000th time.  They need to be put on the shelf for a while as I’m just over them completely right now.  The faction wasn’t a good idea as I feel they were DOA.


Drew Gulak vs. Danny Garcia

This was over as soon as it started.  Poor Danny was hard done by the Gu-Lock.  It was short and simple on the mic too.  They’re trying to sell Gulak as a submission monster and I like it thus far.


Backstage segment – Buddy Murphy & Tony Nese

Buddy is very good on the mic.  Tony Nese is a wholesale train wreck.  Nothing he’s done has worked and he’s under with the audience.  One cancels the other out, really.


Lio Rush vs. Akira Tozawa

I knew this would be fun and it was.  Both of these guys are so quick.  There was a reaction shot of Drake Maverick backstage as Lio rested on the ropes.  Lio is so much fun.  LOL!!!  Drake was supposed to shake his head in disbelief and he did.  He also almost corpsed back there.  I totally get it.  Tozawa has charisma too and he let it all hang out.  I love what Lio brought out of Tozawa.  Lio went all matrix during a nice fist exchange.  Much fun.  Tozawa was the PERFECT foil for Lio here.  He can’t quite match Lio’s speed but he gets really close and that just makes for more fun.  To my happy surprise, Lio actually TOOK it!  I would HIGHLY recommend he rethink his frog splash as it’s gonna get him hurt.


Backstage segment – Drake Maverick & Cedric Alexander

These fatal four-ways are getting tedious.  I hate the idea of yet another one.  I’m sure they’ll make a show of it but…they just do it too often.


So ends our “205” experience this week.  This show was a little less than last week in terms of quality but after what I put up with on “Raw” this week, this was a welcome diversion.  Come on back next week for another “Pickup”!