Smackdown Live! (7/17/18)

SD Results

Jeff Hardy out to the ring to tell everyone that Naka knew he couldn’t win without the low blow.
Backstage Naka mocks Jeff.

Styles defeats Almas

English apologizes to Lana, asking her to talk to Rusev for him about what happened at Extreme Rules.

Becky Lynch defeats Mandy Rose  Becky announces that she’s been winning and wants to be Champ again!

Backstage Paige is impressed and when Carmella comes in she makes a match for next week.  If Becky wins, she faces Carmella for the strap at SummerSlam.

R-Truth backstage with Tye.  Tye faces Joe next.

Joe defeats Tye

Miz conducted a funeral for Team Hell No.  Bry broke it up by attacking from behind.

EY defeats Kofi

Jeff Hardy defeats Nakamura via DQ when Orton attacks Hardy.  Orton beats Hardy down outside the ring, trying to rip one of Hardy’s gauged earring holes completely open to end SD.


QD – Stay tuned to WR for The Royal Flush for all of my reactions to this week’s SD Live!


Can Daniel Bryan Feel It?

Has Kane’s injury left Daniel in a State of Shock?

When the New Day lost to Sanity this weekend, did they blame it on the sunshine, blame it on the moonlight, blame it on the good times, or Blame it on the Boogie?

Are the IIconics promos complete and utter “Torture”?

When Gallows and Anderson leave the venue, will they check into “This Place Hotel”?

Only one of these questions will be answered tonight during “Smackdown Live!”  The others will neither be answered by The Jacksons nor by the episode itself.