It Doesn’t Matter!

Dakota Kai vs. Lacey Evans

Dakota is such a great underdog.  This match started very botch-y and it seemed they had no chemistry with each other.  It got fun when Lacey tied Dakota to the Tree of Woe in the corner.  Yes, that’s right, she tied her to it.  Brilliant stuff.  Never seen it before.  They seemed to flip the switch and it got better after that.  It was the typical underdog story where Lacey got the best of Dakota for most of it, Dakota bounced back, only to fall victim to the Woman’s Right.

Lacey Evans really needs to figure out “trash talk”, what it is, and how to do it.  She has no clue at this point and it does get in the way a bit.


Backstage segment – Ricochet

I wanted this to be better.  He said all the right things but it just rang a little false.  This is all new to him at this point and I’m sure he’ll get better the more he does it.


Cinéma de Basketball – Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)

Finally, they’re back on TV.  I was wondering what happened.  I’ve always liked them and I want more for them.  Hopefully, this is will be the beginning of something new


Backstage segment – EC3 & Kona Reeves

EC3 has been pretty watered down since his NXT re-debut and he hasn’t really done much.  Kona was pretty decent here.  Nice interaction.


Kassius Ohno vs. Rick Ramirez

He won!  He never does that.  He actually won…and quickly.  He knocked out Ramirez and it was over.  Both did their jobs adequately there.  They must be realizing that Kassius hasn’t won a match since people were doing the Hustle.  Maybe they might even give him a little push.  Nah, never that.


Backstage segment – The Undisputed Era

Bobby Fish, Kyle O’Reilly, & Adam Cole (Bay Bay) are just incredible together.  Roderick doesn’t fit – plain and simple.  He’s a wet blanket who doesn’t have a clue about how to be a heel.  These segments are just death for him.  They run at a different speed and Roderick can’t keep up.  It’s really laughable watching him try.


Cinéma de War Raider

This is the intro video to make us care about the War Raiders.  It worked pretty well for me!


Cinéma de Purple – Velveteen Dream

Dag, he’s good.  Like…really good.  Great storytelling about his career thus far and how good he’s been.  Add that to incredible video work from the Full Sail students and you can see the brilliance.  Very nice stuff.


Nikki Cross vs. Candice LeRae vs. Kairi Sane (Shayna Bazsler on commentary)

This was fun!  All three of these ladies can work and it’s great.  Nikki is quite the mercenary when she wants to be.  It makes total sense that Kairi would take this.  Shayna was great on commentary.  She’s really the one who oughta be pushed like Ronda is.  She’s a far better worker, better talker, has more charisma – she’s just better all-around.  Mauro et al kept asking her who she wanted to face and she kept saying she didn’t care.  She found different ways to say it each time – nearly covering for the failings of the unimaginative announce team.  It was like…”what part of I don’t care don’t you understand?”  Too funny.