Orton’s Vicious Streak

After the horrors that was Raw this week, I must admit that I wasn’t very excited to watch SmackDown. Luckily they really picked things up for SD, because if I’d been stuck watching another two hours of the crap they fed us on Monday night, I might have cried.


Sad Clown?

So now Jeff Hardy is a sad clown? Are they going Brother Nero or Willow? Honestly, I don’t care, just do something, anything, as long as it’s interesting. Honestly, this segment wasn’t bad, but I really expected more, so much more.


Crying Nakamura

Short and to the point. This worked, for me, so much better than Jeff did. Nakamura is the consummate heel, something I truly didn’t expect from him when it happened. That man is greatness to his core!


AJ vs Almas?

Um, what did Almas do to get this match? He surely hasn’t impressed anyone since coming up to SD and didn’t do much, by himself, to impress in NXT. Zelina is the star of that pair, and should be allowed to shine herself, not stuck trying to get his boring bum over! I will say I enjoyed his match with Sin Cara at Extreme Rules but thought Sin Cara carried him some. This match with AJ is better than I expected, but I still get the feeling that AJ is carrying Almas some. These two matches have shown me why he is in the WWE, and I will watch him more closely from here on out, but you won’t get me to believe that Zelina shouldn’t be working on her career in the ring rather than helping Almas get over. I’ve been a fan of her work since I first saw her in TNA, and will continue to push for her to work the ring with the rest of the amazing women in the WWE.

I love being proven wrong by young superstars being better than I thought, and it looks as though Almas will be doing that to me. I’m kinda thrilled.


Blonde Bombshell

Lana looks five years younger with her brows lighter than they were when she first debuted. Actually, it’s all of her makeup that is softer, and she looks younger and downright lovely. I love how she worked with English here. I love being left with more questions than answers.


Becky Balboa

I love Becky, and loath how much Corey drools over Mandy Rose. It’s disgusting, and make some of the things King said seem less creepy than we previously thought. King was doing it for laughs while Corey seems like a stalker. I will say that Mandy almost looks good in the ring. I’ve heard great things about her ring work, but haven’t really bought into her yet. She just doesn’t seem to be present when working the ring. She’s going through the motions, but I feel nothing from her.

I loved Becky’s little speech, and cannot wait to see her face Carmella next week.


Paige Is Money

She’s really growing into this role in a great way. Carmella is another one who has really grown into her role. I’m still in awe that she’s the only one from her NXT faction that is still in the WWE, and she has gold. I don’t know anyone who predicted THAT happening. I love her mean girl happiness, she plays it off so well. I just hope she’s not a one-note wonder.


Tye Is Sleepy

I really didn’t expect much from this match, but Tye looked great as he faded at the end of the match. The way he tapped out, the look in his eyes, he SOLD that! Then there’s Joe who deserves better than a squash match! For what it was, it was good, which is why I graded it as well as I did, but this was so not cool for either man.


Miz Botched!

Yes, I’m serious, Miz botched on mic! I’m in shock and awe. That being said, the whole vibe of it was great, the disembodied head of Kane, and Bryan attacking from behind after his music hit, only to lead the arena in a “YES!” chant, this really was a much better segment than expected. WWE funerals can be some of the worst segments ever, but this was better than most, possibly because it was Miz, or because they didn’t go too far. Though, I have to say, to build Miz and Bryan, they need to go too far. This has been ten years in the making, and they need to go all out with it. This needs to be treated like the best parts of the AE and make it something of epic greatness. These two men could make this the feud of the century and should be allowed to do so.


Sane Day

People ask why I love EY as much as I do, but all you have to do is watch him in the ring to see how he embodies everything of whatever character he’s playing, as well as working the ring the way that character would work it. He has his finger on what the fans want and always delivers.

I honestly never thought I’d see Kofi face EY, so this is an absolute dream to watch. The work in the ring was great and made better by the fighting outside the ring. This was a very well executed and timed match by all six men involved.


Nakamura Actually Wrestles!

This was actually quite a solid match. Jeff’s swanton was horrible, yet again, but much of the rest of the match was solid, better than I thought he could go, knowing that he’s not feeling in the best of shape at this point. As always, Nakamura was great in the ring and has much better chemistry with Jeff than he ever had with AJ (which was just strange, as it’s AJ!). The work in this match was solid, and absolutely a SD main event, but not a PPV main event.


Orton Turns Heel

This was great. Anything that makes me cringe and put my hands in front of my eyes is either great or horrific. This was both. I have a fear of earrings being ripped out of my head, and Orton went after Jeff’s gauged ear holes and I couldn’t watch. I was shocked to see Jeff remove his plugs before the match started, something I hadn’t noticed before, and something I normally would notice. To the point that I have wondered how comfortable Jeff would be wrestling with them in. They looked more like silicone rings than actual hard plugs, but it’s still one of those things that tweaks me out.

Anyway, Orton has been so boring for so long that I never thought they’d do anything to change him, other than projecting stupidity on the mat during his matches, so this was a beautiful and unexpected thing to see. Orton as a vicious heel is something many of us have wanted to see from him for a while because he’s amazing in that role. His feud with Foley started his vicious streak, which really reached its stride feuding with Trip and Steph. Since then he’s been little more than interesting, but this Orton could really turn SD on its head and make things more interesting again. Fingers crossed.


Final Flush

It was not hard for this episode of SD to be better than the Raw before it, but they didn’t just stride to outdo Raw, they strove to give us a solid show and did just that. If SD was to keep up with this type of show, the rest of the summer will be great, and Tuesday night will be the night to watch wrestling.

Queen KB